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Longley Inaugural Address 1975

Governor James B. Longley, January 2, 1975 INAUGURAL ADDRESS Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, Mr. Chief Justice, Associate Justices, former Governors, and Members of the 107th Legislature. Tonight I begin my duties as Governor of Maine with full realization of the … Continue reading

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Suggested Search Terms

Some suggested terms to enter in the Search box. Include quotes where noted.  List will be updated periodically. More at Navigation Options and Help ==> Search Term Results Updated Comment Architecture  “styles” may include combinations Baroque 3 “Cape style” 23 … Continue reading

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Western, Southern Cumberland County

.See the Navigation Options and Help for insights on finding additional content. See videos: See Facebook: —————– Subscribe to News Updates August 13, 2017 New Articles: Freeport Historic Register. Images and/or text changed: Bridgton, Brunswick, Cape Elizabeth, Casco, … Continue reading

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Freeport Historic Register

E.B. Mallett Office Building (2016)

National Register of Historic Places – Freeport Mallett, E. B., Office Building [Mill Street] E.B. Mallett Office Building (2016) Perhaps more than anyone, Edmund Buxton Mallett, Jr. (1853-1923) shaped the town’s character. In 1883 he moved from Pownal to launch … Continue reading

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rotation test

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Parmachenee Township

Location Map for Parmachenee Township

This township is on the New Hampshire border in northwestern Maine. The name, according to Brian McCauley, is “Abenaki for ‘across the usual path.’ Legend says it was the name of an Indian Chief’s daughter.” The Magalloway River runs southward … Continue reading

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Lynchtown Township

Location Map for Lynchtown Township

The Oxford County Township, in northwestern Maine on the New Hampshire border, is just south of Parmachenee Township. It includes and  a small north portion of Aziscohos Lake and the bulk of Parmachenee Lake.  That lake was home to the … Continue reading

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Pick Your Own Tray with strawberries (2017)

Berries Strawberries Strawberries are a high value crop in Maine agriculture with net profit potential of $6,000 or more per acre. The number of farms raising strawberries and the acreage dedicated to them increased substantially in recent years, with more … Continue reading

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Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument

Ditectional Signs (2017)

In August 2016, President Barak Obama designated this area a National Monument.  It was offered to the United States government by the Roxanne Quimby Foundation, which has established a substantial endowment with the National Park Foundation to support the administration … Continue reading

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Insects, Fireflies

Firefly in Maine (2017)

As I turned out the light in my office, a small wink of another light flickered back at me. This firefly is a Maine native. Strangely, these “flies” are actually flying beetles. They use their lighting abilities in summer to … Continue reading

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Woodchucks in Sherman (2017)

These cute large rodents (thus a mammal) are entertaining to look at, but potentially dangerous and disruptive. A member of the squirrel family, it is also known as the “ground hog” or whistle pig. According to Scientific American, Groundhogs are … Continue reading

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Insects, Browntail Moth

Browntail Moth Larva (2017)

According to the Maine Forest Service the browntail moth was accidentally introduced into Somerville, Massachusetts from Europe in 1897.  By 1913, the insect had spread to all New England states, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  Populations of this pest slowly … Continue reading

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Moose Pond (2014)

Most of this township  is part of the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.  The exception is a portion in its northwest corner around Katahdin Lake, now part of Baxter State Park. The National Monument here is accessible east of … Continue reading

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Eastern Phoebe

Eastern Phoebe in Harpswell (2011)

This seven-inch gray bird with brown wings returns to southern Maine in early spring to build its nest, often in the usual place unless it has been destroyed. The insect eating Phoebe makes its news under overhanging structures, such as … Continue reading

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T2 R9 WELS Location Map

This township lies at the base of Baxter State Park, encompassing the Park south access road from Millinocket and the eastern end of The Golden Road. The West Branch of the Penobscot River flows through its eastern region and includes … Continue reading

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Lang Township

Dead River South Branch (2017)

North of Dallas Plantation, Lang Township (originally T2 R3 WBKB) is a rural area that has one major improved road, Maine Route 16, and the short Kennebago Road. While sources are sketchy, its population in 1870 was 36, in 1880, … Continue reading

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Ripogenus Dam

Ripogenus Lake (2017)

Ripogenus (Abenaki for “gravel) is the name given for the dam and the lake created by it.  Ripogenus Lake is essentially a human-made extension of Chesuncook Lake.   The dam [N45° 52′ 47.64″  W69° 10′ 32.56″], completed in 1920, provides … Continue reading

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State Budget by Department 2014-2015

Major State Agencies accounted for 98.7 percent of the total State budget. The $8 billion budget for the major agencies in fiscal year 2014-2015 allocated 47% of its funds for Human Services, 21% for education, and 9% for Transportation. Health … Continue reading

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Bass, George H.

(1843- c. 1926) In 1911 Wilton was a thriving community whose merchants and factories supplied a wide variety of goods and services from automobiles to granite and steel. Like many of its contemporaries, Wilton had a free public library, an … Continue reading

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