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Location Map for Washington

Location Map for Washington

Year Population
1970 723
1980 954
1990 1,185
2000 1,345
2010 1,527
Washington Population Chart 1790-2010

Population Trend 1790-2010

Geographic Data
N. Latitude 44:16:31
W. Latitude 69:23:32
Maine House District 91
Maine Senate District 13
Congress District 1
Area sq. mi. (total) 39.2
Area sq. mi. (land) 38.0
Population/sq.mi. (land) 40.2
County: Knox

Total=land+water; Land=land only

Razorville Road [Route 105] (2003)

Razorville Road [Rt. 105] (2003)

[WASH-ing-tun]is a town in Knox County, incorporated on February 27, 1811 under the name of Putnam. The name was changed to Washington in 1823 and it annexed land from Palermo in 1854.

Originally honoring the Revolutionary War General Israel Putnam, the town later adopted George Washington as its namesake. The town’s web site summarizes its geographic dispersion and attractions:

The township consists of sections set in wooded, rolling terrain: Washington Village, West Washington, Razorville, East Washington, Stickney Corners, and Patrick and Cunningham Mountains to the North. Washington Pond and Crystal Pond are northwest of the Village. Many other beautiful ponds and streams such as Davis Stream, Little Medomak and Washington Brooks adorn this attractive rural community.

Washington Village Veterans Memorial and Masonic Lodge (2003)

Washington Village Veterans Memorial, Masonic Lodge (’03)

Gibbs Library and Fire Department in Washington Village (2003)

Gibbs Library and Fire Dept. in Washington Village (2003)

The 550-acre, four mile long Washington Pond is a major attraction for summer recreation. Also known as Medomak Lake, it is home to the Madomak Family Camp, started in 1904 as a boys camp.  The short early 20th century vintage film, now preserved at Northeast Historic Film, The Ark at Medomak Camp illustrates the long history of recreation at the lake. Just close the new window tab to get back to the Encyclopedia.

Medal of HonorCongressional Medal of Honor winner: Indian Wars

Alonzo Bowman, born June 15, 1848, was a sergeant in Company D, 6th U.S. Cavalry at Cibicu Creek, Arizona. He was cited for conspicuous and extraordinary bravery in attacking mutinous scouts on August 30, 1881, during the Indian Wars of that period.  Bowman entered service at Washington Township. He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor on November 4, 1882.

Muddy Pond on Route 105 (2003)

Muddy Pond on Route 105 (2003)

Washington Pond and Crystal Pond provide a summer respite to many local and visiting people with cottages in the area.

Muddy Pond is a small, picturesque body of water on route 105.

Razorville is a village on the southwest end of Washington Pond. The main village is near the eastern shore of the lake. Maine Routes 17, 105, 126, 206, and 220 crisscross the town offering easy access to surrounding communities.

Meeting House in Washington (2003)

Meeting House in Washington (2003)

Razorville Chapel (2003)

Razorville Chapel (2003)

Form of Government: Town Meeting-Select Board.

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Additional resources

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