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Republican Party Platform 1952

From the Bangor Daily News, March 29-30, 1952, p. 3


In the closing minutes of the convention, the delegates, in an unprecedented move, refused to accept the proposed party platform offered by the Republican Committee because, as some delegates charged, it contained only weasel words and does not take a stand on state issues.

The final draft was similar to the draft submitted by the pre-convention platform committee and which was outlined in The NEWS Friday morning. Senator Haskell of Bangor was chairman of the platform committee.

The convention finally voted to refer the document to the state committee, with a request that it be revised after consideration of “at least eight or ten” substitute proposals which several delegates said they would offer to the committee.

The rejection action came on the heels of a similar refusal by the First District committee.

The motion that the general convention reject the platform “in its present form” was made by a First District delegate, State Representative Edward E. Chase of Cape Elizabeth.

Others who spoke against it were Senator Frederick N. Allen of Portland, member of the pre-convention platform committee, and Curtis K. Gerry, head of the Portland Young Republicans.




We believe that support at local, state and national level of Republican nominees for posi­tions of elected leadership is a fundamental responsibility of members of the Republican Party and, accordingly, we propose the following platform, confident that Republicans will abide by it.


We believe that the 95th Legislature accomplished a long-demanded revision of the State tax structure, but we also believe that the resulting general level of tax revenue should not be increased. Any existing tax inequities will have careful legislative study and will be corrected.

We believe, moreover, that the State of Maine at this time should not undertake substantial new State services.


We shall work for steady improvement in the quality of instruction of our youth. Our aim will be to create and maintain a superior educational system, free from Federal control and with active public participation in the formulation of policy.


We favor the continuance of our public welfare program, which is based on sound, sym­pathetic and constructive principles, always mindful that this will be commensurate within the need and within State revenues.

We commend .the 95th Legislature for the substantial appropriation -that provided for the improvement in our institutional facilities and we pledge continuing support to such measures as are required to meet the growing hospital and -other institutional needs.


We shall encourage higher standards of grading, and improved methods of marketing.

We shall work for continued progress in soil conservation, under complete private-ownership control and seek ways to -promote the utilization in agriculture of lands most suitable for that purpose.

We shall continue to support research in the increase and improvement of products, giving encouragement in permissive –legislation to self-supporting group projects.

With considerable pride, the Republican Party reviews the successive legislative actions that have made it possible for Maine’s dairy herds to be top-ranking in the Country.


We recognize the vital importance to the people of Maine of successful industrial enterprises and we recognize, to the intense sectional competition for industrial payrolls.

We shall support continuing efforts to attract new industry and to support sound action to make it more attractive for our present industry to remain and to expand in Maine.

In this respect we pledge continued legislative effort that will help to maintain the excellent labor-management relations that exist in Maine.


We recognize the increasing importance of-recreational development of Maine and we pledge our support to the continuing development of our State park system.


We are increasingly aware of the value of our sea and shore fisheries’ products as speedier transportation opens wider areas to our succulent seafoods. To the entire industry, we pledge our efforts to aid in its development.


We point with pride to the progressive long-range plan of highway construction as adopted by the 95th Legislature and approved in public referendum. We pledge active legislative support for such measures as shall complement this constructive highway program.


The interest of the Maine veterans has, been, and must always be, of prime concern to the Republican Party.


Having in mind the vast bene­fits that would accrue to Maine and the Nation as a whole from the development of a possible

1,000,000 horsepower ,of hydroelectric energy on one of the deep-water harbors of our seaboard, – we urge the early completion of a comprehensive, impartial and authoritative sur­vey of the international Passamaquoddy tidal power project by the Federal Government as the only logical and proper method of answering once and for all whatever question there may be as to its economic feasibility and its value as a natural resource.


We recognize the growing public interest in specific 1egislative problems related to statutory revisions and constitutional amendments, and we also recognize that deliberative legislative consideration and debate must precede ultimate decision on each of these current questions.

We promise a thorough investigation of the questions of:

A four-year term for governor.

An annual legislative session.

Presidential preference election.

Relation of assessment of costs to use and benefits received in a modern highway system.

Clarification of the Indian laws.

Primary run-off election

State minimum wage law.


We believe that women shall have the same rights and privileges in the conduct of the pub­lic affairs as have men.


We feel that the excellent work of the young Republican organization can only be recog­nized by giving its necessary activities our complete support and commendation.


We commend Gov. Frederick G. Payne and the 95th Legis­lature for their courageous ac­tions in realistically facing the many difficult problems of the State government. The Repub­lican Party is proud of the abilities and integrity possessed by the, public officials responsible for the record of good government in Maine.

We commend, too, the accomplishments of the Maine delegation in Washington and urge them to support the proposition that we should give as much consideration to the problems of our Country as to those of foreign nations.

Source: Portland Evening Express newspaper article in Maine State Law Library clippings file, dated March 28, 1952. (Errors in the text may have been made by the newspaper and not the Republican Party.)

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