Maine: An Encyclopedia


“These are feature films with Maine-related themes or locations. Please note that many titles are not known to survive, or are not available.”
— Karan Sheldon, Northeast Historic Film

As the Earth Turns, 1934

Back to the Woods, 1918

Beans of Egypt Maine, The, 1994

Bed and Breakfast, 1992

Behind the Door, 1919

Behind Masks, 1921

Belfast, Maine, 1999

Cappy Ricks, 1921

Captain Salvation, 1927

Carousel, 1956

Casper, 1995

Charlotte’s Web, 1973

Cider House Rules, The, 1999

Conflict, The, 1921

Creepshow 2, 1987

Deep Waters, 1947

Dolores Claiborne, 1995

Graveyard Shift, 1990

Head Above Water, 1996

Hearts of Oak, 1924

Hush, 1921

Iron Giant, The, 1999

It Happened to Jane, 1959

Jacqueline, or Blazing Barriers, 1922

Leave Her to Heaven, 1945

Lighthouse by the Sea, The, 1924

Lonesome Corners, 1922

Make a Wish, 1937

Man Without a Face, The, 1993

Message in a Bottle, 1999

Midwife s Tale, A, 1994

Miracle Man, The, 1919, 1932

Mother Carey’s Chickens, 1938

Myth of Fingerprints, The, 1997

Nature Man, The, 1915

New Leaf, A, 1971

Parent Trap, The, 1961, 1998

Pearl of Love, The, 1925

Pet Sematary, 1989

Pete’s Dragon, 1977

Peyton Place, 1957

Private Number, 1936

Prophecy, 1979

Queen of the Sea, 1918

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, 1917, 1932, 1938

Rider of the King Log, The, 1921

Route One/USA, 1989

Seventh Day, The, 1922

Shadows, 1922

Signs of Life, 1989

Singing Kid, The, 1936

Spitfire Grill, The, 1996

Strange Woman, The, 1946

Summer Magic, 1963

Summer Place, A, 1959

Sunrise at Campobello, 1960

Time Out of Mind, 1947

Timothy s Quest, 1921, 1936

Trail of the Law, The, 1924

Way Back Home, 1931

Way Down East, 1920, 1935

Welcome Stranger, 1947

Whales of August, The, 1987

Whispering Winds, 1929

Working Man, The, 1933

Thanks to these contributors: American Film Institute Catalogs, Margie Compton, Philip Carli, Paul Frobose, Jan-Christopher Horak, Rob Edelman, Kathryn Fuller, Saul Fussiner, Eithne Johnson, Audrey Kupferberg, John Lowe, Mac McKinley, Donna Ross, Eric Schaefer, John Skillin.

In 2003, Empire Falls, based on the novel by Maine author Richard Russo, was filmed in Skowhegan and Winslow.

Pizza Parlor in Skowhegan Redesigned

Pizza Parlor in Skowhegan Redesigned

Winslow Restaurant Primed for a Scene

Winslow Restaurant Primed for a Scene

Technical crew supporting Empire Falls in Winslow

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Technical crew supporting Empire Falls in Winslow

Technical Crew Supporting Empire Falls in Winslow

Additional resources

“Bambi.” Press release and photo from the Maine Department of Economic Development, July 3, 1968.

Maine has a rich heritage of moving images (films, videos, movies) that provide insights into its past and its self-image. These come in the form of feature films (see panel at left), specially produced materials, and “home” movies.

The specially produced materials include those created to record particular cultural events, oral histories, or other themes, often with assistance from grant giving agencies. Other material has been produced by organizations in the course of business, such as television stations and Maine State government.

“Home” movies reveal much about the culture of Maine, especially those of the early 20th century. Research videos once were available at the Folklife Center at the University of Maine, but in 2011 the Library of Congress agreed to rescue these and other materials at the Center and transfer them to its Washington, DC facilities.

The best source for moving images with Maine connections is Northeast Historic Film, a moving image archives with an emphasis on materials of Northern New England.  Its state of the art, low temperature “cube” provides an excellent mechanism for preserving this aspect of Maine’s heritage, whether in film, video tape, or digital formats.

See NHF’s YouTube Channel for great samples of Maine amateur films!

Little known is the fact that Bambi, the fawn featured in the Walt Disney 1938 classic animated movie, was modeled on an actual fawn from the Maine woods. So was Faline, Bambi’s female friend. Disney commissioned Maurice “Jake” Day of Damariscotta to photograph the Mount Katahdin area for background scenes. Day, with the help of the Maine Fisheries and Game Department, sent two white tail fawns to Hollywood to be used as models for the animation artists in Disney’s studio.*


*Source: Maine State Archives, Department of Economic Development records.

The following are videos available through Northeast Historic Film in Bucksport. (See ordering details on its web site.) The descriptions include year, length, color or black and white (col., bw), sound or silent (sd.,si), whether use for free public performances is allowed (PERF).

American Indians

The First Mainers, Passamaquoddy Indians of Pleasant Point and Indian Township. 1975. 22 mins. col., sd.

Gabriel Women, Passamaquoddy Basketmakers, Mary Gabriel and the legacy of basketmaking by the Waponahki people. Born in Princeton, Maine, in 1908, Gabriel was honored as a National Heritage Fellow in 1994. 1999. 28 mins., col., sd.

Our Dances. Penobscot Indian Island School student project demonstrates traditional and tribal dances, with clay animation scenes and live action. 1997. 30 mins., col., sd.

Our Lives in Our Hands. Micmac Indian basketmaking cooperative in northern Maine. 1988. 50 mins., col., sd.

Wabanaki: A New Dawn. Cultural survival and revival of Wabanaki of Maine and Maritime Canada. Interviews, music, dance. Produced on behalf of Maine Indian Tribal-State Commission. 1995. 25 mins., col., sd.

The Mystery of the Lost Red Paint People. Archaeology of the circumpolar region, including coastal New England. 1987. 60 mins., col., sd.

Artists and Authors

Berenice Abbott: A View of the Twentieth Century. Life and work of one of America’s most significant photographers; she lived in Maine into her 90s. 1992. 56 mins., col., sd.

Bonsoir Mes Amis. Portrait of two of Maine’s finest traditional Franco-American musicians. By Huey. 1990. 46 mins., col., sd.

Gilley: Portrait of a Bird Carver. Southwest Harbor, Maine’s renowned carver. 1981. 25 mins., col., sd.

Grace: A Portrait of Grace DeCarlton Ross. Independent filmmaker Huey traces Ross’ silent film and dance careers. 1983. 50 mins., col., sd. PERF

In the Spirit of Haystack. See Jane Morrison Collection.

James Fitzgerald: A Painter s Journey. Fitzgerald (1899-1971) came from Boston and lived on Monhegan Island. 1997. 57 mins., col., sd.

William Kienbusch. See Oral History.

Master Smart Woman. Maine novelist Sarah Orne Jewett (1850-1909) by Jane Morrison. 1984. 28 mins., col., sd. PERF

May Sarton: She Knew a Phoenix. The poet reads and talks at home. Produced by Karen Saum. 1980. 28 mins., col., sd. PERF

Portrait of George Hardy. Examination of relationship of a woodcarver with those who buy his works. Strong vision of life Down East. Winner of Cine Golden Eagle. 1995. 30 mins., col. & b&w, sd.

Renascence: Edna St. Vincent Millay, Poet. Edna St. Vincent Millay, one of Maine s most famous writers. 1993. 58 mins. PERF

Boats and the Sea

The Jeremiah O Brien, Homecoming. Liberty Ship returns to Portland, Maine, where she was built in 1943. 1994. 59 mins., col., sd.

Marine Mammals of the Gulf of Maine. Field guide to whales and seals. The Allied Whale program at College of the Atlantic. 24 mins., col., sd.

Tales of Wood and Water. Visits to boat builders and sailors up and down the coast of Maine. 1991. 60 mins., col., sd.

The Ways at Wallace and Sons/The Bank Dory. Footage of boatbuilding, seafaring and maritime skills. 1984. 58 mins., col., sd.

Yachting in the 30s. Compilation of J Boats footage from various sources. 1930s. 45 mins., b&w and col., sd.

City Life

Anchor of the Soul. African American history in northern New England through the story of a Portland church. 1994. 60 mins., col., sd.

Can I Get There From Here? Urban Youth, families, work, homelessness in Portland, Maine. 1981. 29 mins., col., sd. PERF

Roughing the Uppers: The Great Shoe Strike of 1937. See Student Work.

24 Hours. Fire fighting in Portland, Maine, with memorable narration. Produced by Earle Fenderson. 1963. 27 mins., b&w, sd. PERF

Civil War

Joshua Chamberlain and the 20th Maine. Maine Civil War hero: Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Appomattox. 1994. 55 mins., col. & b&w., sd.

Country Life

Aroostook County, 1920s. Agriculture–potato growing with horse power. Downtown Presque Isle, Maine. Aroostook Valley Railroad electric trolley. 1920 and 1928. 20 mins., b&w, (piano) PERF

The Batteau Machias. See Student Work.

A Century of Summers. The impact of a summer colony on a small Maine coastal community by Hancock native and NHF member Sandy Phippen. 1987. 45 mins., b&w and col., sd. PERF

Cherryfield, 1938. A terrific home movie about rural spring. 6 mins., b&w, si. PERF

Down East Dairyland. Produced by the Maine Dept. of Agriculture. 1972. 14 mins., col., sd. PERF

Giant Horses. Draft horses and their drivers. 28 mins., col., sd.

Ice Harvesting Sampler. Five short films showing a near-forgotten New England industry. Narration by Philip C. Whitney explains process and tools. 26 mins., b&w, sd. PERF

Maine Summer Festival. Role of agricultural products in summer fairs. 1970. 12 mins., col., sd. PERF

The Movie Queen, Lincoln. A pretend movie queen visits her hometown in Lincoln, Maine. Parade, followed by visit to garage, lake, playtime, electric store, bus arrives at hotel. Kidnap drama. By Margaret Cram. 1936. 37 mins., b&w, si.

The Movie Queen, Lubec. A pretend movie queen visits her home town in Down East Maine. By Margaret Cram. 1936. 28 mins., b&w, si.

The Movie Queen, Newport. A pretend movie queen visits her hometown in Newport, Maine. The parade. Visits to shops, Oxbow Cabins. The kidnap, and rescue by hero on bicycle. By Margaret Cram. 1936. 35 mins, b&w, si.

Nature’s Blueberryland. Maine’s harvesting of wild blueberries. 13 mins., col., sd. PERF

Paris, 1929 and other views. Home movies of the Wright family in Paris, Maine, haying, mowing, picnics. 80 mins., b&w, si. PERF

Part-Time Farmer. Promotes agriculture as an after-hours pursuit. ca. 1975. 17 mins., col., sd. PERF

Sins of our Mothers. Girl who went to the Massachusetts textile mills from Fayette, Maine. 60 mins., col., sd. PERF

Early Film

All But Forgotten. Documentary on the Holman Day film company (1920-1921) in Maine; by Everett Foster. 1978. 30 mins., col. and b&w, sd. PERF

Cupid, Registered Guide. A two-reel North Woods comedy by Maine writer Holman Day. 1921. 20 mins., b&w, si. PERF

Earliest Maine Films. Lobstering, trout fishing, logging, canoeing on Moosehead Lake, and potato growing, from 1901 to 1920. 44 mins., b&w, si. PERF

Just Maine Folks. A bawdy hayseed one-reeler. Poor image quality. 1913. 8mins., b&w, si. PERF

The Knight of the Pines. Another North Woods adventure by Maine writer Holman Day. 1920. 20 mins., b&w, si. PERF

The Sailor’s Sacrifice. Short romance drama by Vitograph Co. A sailor leaves his family to go to sea and is thought lost when his boat sinks. The family loses its home and the young woman, Florence Turner, has to dig clams with her dog Jean. 1909. 20 mins., b&w, piano.

Shadows. Lon Chaney as a Chinese laundryman caught in a web of jealousy and extortion. Profiles small fishing town. 1922. 68 mins., b&w, si.

Ecology and Energy

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. Her 1963 book about pesticides helped raise ecological consciousness. 1993. 60 mins., col., sd.

Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Project. Documentary with intertitles on construction of worker housing at Quoddy Hill, dam building (with rail) at Pleasant Point and Treat Island. ca. 1936. 30 mins., b&w., si. PERF

Voices from Maine. “Is economics incompatible with nature?” Discussion of development versus quality of life. Scratched. 1970. 30 mins., col., sd.

Wyman Station. Central Maine Power film on the construction of Wyman Station on the Kennebec River, with Daggettville, the workers’ town. 1928-1930. 30 mins., b&w, si. PERF

Feature Films (No Public Performance Rights)

Bed and Breakfast. Colleen Dewhusrst carries this shot-in-Maine film about three women, their B&B, and Roger Moore, who washed ashore. 1992. 96 mins., col., sd.

Leave Her to Heaven. Ben Ames Williams story of the jealous Ellen Berendt (Gene Tierney), who drowns her young brother-in-law in Deer Lake, Maine. Vincent Price plays the Sussex County district attorney. 1945. 111 mins., col., sd.

Lost Boundaries. Produced by Louis de Rochemont. An African-American physician’s experiences with discrimination in the south and in New Hampshire. 1949. 99 mins., b&w, sd.

A Midwife s Tale. Martha Ballard’s 18th century journals of Maine life, a period drama and a documentary of historian Laurel Ulrich s work–by writer-producer Laurie Kahn-Leavitt and director Richard Rogers. 1996. 89 mins., col., sd. PERF

The Myth of Fingerprints. Blythe Danner, Julianne Moore, Roy Scheider and Noah star in this comedy about a family reunion that goes awry. Filmed on location in Bethel and Andover, Maine. 1997. 91 mins., col., sd.

Old Man Dogs. One year after his wife falls to her death while hiking Mt. Penobscot, a man receives a call that leads him into a mystery. Back Lot Films. 1997. 88 mins., col., sd.

Peyton Place. Grace Metalious’ novel of a small scandal-ridden New England town. Filmed in Camden, Maine. 1957. 157 mins., col., sd.

Prophecy. Horror: couple investigates terrifying eco-events in Maine. 1988. 102 mins., col., sd.

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Shirley Temple in the Kate Douglas Wiggin story. 1938. 81 mins., colorized, sd.

The Seventh Day. Romantic comedy places a group of New Yorkers in a coastal Maine village and has them work out their cultural differences. 1922. 65 mins., b&w, music.

Signs of Life. With Kathy Bates and Beau Bridges, shot around Deer Isle, Maine: about the demise of a boatbuilding company. 1989. 90 mins., col., sd.

The Silent Enemy. A drama shot on location in winter, starring Penobscot Indian Molly Spotted Elk. 1930. 121 mins., b&w, music.

Simon Birch. The film set in fictional Gravestown, Maine, stars Ashley Judd, Oliver Platt, Joseph Mazzello, David Strathairn, Ian Michael Smith, Dana Ivey and Jim Carrey. Filmed in Toronto and Nova Scotia. 1999. 114 mins., col. sd.

A Summer Place. Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue at Pine Island, Maine. Remember the music? 1959. 130 mins., col., sd.

Timothy s Quest. Kate Douglas Wiggins’ story of two orphans in the Maine countryside. Scenes of horse-drawn wagons, shoeing oxen, and other rural activities. 1922. 90 mins, b&w, music.

Way Back Home. Maine native (radio star) Phillips Lord s only film. Also stars Bette Davis. 1931. 81 mins.


Basic Net Mending. How to repair fish nets. 1951. 16 mins., col., sd. PERF

It’s the Maine Sardine. Catching, packing and eating Eastport fish. 1949. 16 mins., col., sd. PERF

Fence in the Water. Weir fishing for herring in Penobscot Bay, Maine, by independent filmmaker Peg Dice. 1980. 45 mins., col., sd. PERF

Live Lobster: Maine. Lobsterman, Phil Alley shows how he catches lobsters, what he eats, and you learn about the lobster s annual cycle. By Peg Dice. 1976. 24 mins., col., sd. PERF

Maine’s Harvesters of the Sea. Fisheries including shrimp, cod, and lobster. 1968. 28 mins., col., sd. PERF

The Maine Lobster. Lobster fisheries and consumption with unusual footage including the assembly of lobster TV dinners. ca. 1955. 30 mins., col., sd. PERF

The Old Sardine Village Museum Series. Six videotapes on Maine sardine packing and life of the coast. 1994. col., sd. Each video 105 to 120 mins.

Our Fishing Heritage. Grand Banks dory fishing, stop-seining mackerel and herring, and lobstering. 60 mins., b&w and col., sd.

A Tale of Two Fisheries. Fishermen tell a tale of two fisheries in Maine. 1997. 16 mins., col., sd.

Tuna Fishing off Portland Harbor, Maine. Off-shore fishing with a Maine sea and shore warden. ca. 1930. 10 mins., b&w, si. with intertitles. PERF

Turn of the Tide. Drama about formation of a lobster cooperative; from the Vinalhaven Historical Society. 1943. 48 mins., col., sd.

Under Water, Out of Sight: An Ecosystem Case Study. Shows how underwater marine communities are changing as a result of ever-growing fishing pressures. 1996. 15 mins., col., sd.

Franco-American Life

Bonsoir Mes Amis. See Artists and Authors.

Emigration: A Franco-American Experience. Traces French immigration to North America and documents the history and culture of the Franco-American community in New England. 1981. 30 mins. PERF

Evangeline’s Quest. Documentary examines the mythology of Evangeline and its relation to Acadian history. 1996. 53 mins. PERF

Reflets et Lumiere. Three seasons of a television series on Franco-American culture produced by the Maine Public Broadcasting Network (MPBN). The programs aired from 1979 to 1981. Sound and image quality varies. PERF.

Acadian Villages, Acadian History. Interview with Guy Dubay of Madawaska, Maine. Visits to the Acadian Village near Van Buren, Maine, and le Village Acadien in Carquet, New Brunswick, Canada. A short visit to Quebec City. 1979. 27 mins.

The Catholic Church. Amedee Proulx, Auxiliary Bishop of Portland, Maine, and Raymond LaGasse, a married priest from Concord, NH. An interview about Holyoke, Mass. 1979. 28 mins.

Festivals. Franco-American festivals in Lewiston, Maine; Lowell, Mass.; Old Town, Maine. Franco-American studies in Waterville, Maine. Arts and crafts fair in Manchester, NH. 1979. 27 mins.

Lowell Mills. Irene Simoneau, Franco-American historian on the role of women in the mills. Roger Paradis of Fort Kent, Maine, about Franco-American folklore and music. 1979. 29 mins.

Potato Harvest. Northern Maine. Interview and poetry reading by Norm Dube in Bedford, NH. 1979. 39 mins.

Organizers. Franco-American organizers and their success at motivating people to action. “Assimilo,” a spoof exploring Franco-American stereotypes. 1979. 27 mins.

Social Clubs. Old social clubs of Lewiston, Maine; the drinking establishments of Madawaska, Maine. A portion of a slide presentation from New Hampshire, “I Too, Am New Hampshire.” 1979. 28 mins.

St. Mary’s Hospital. St. Mary’s Hospital in Lewiston, Maine–roots in the early 1800s. Teachers from New Hampshire on the Canadian American Institute. 1979. 27 mins.


Assignment in Aroostook. Loring Air Force Base in northern Maine closed in 1994. This is a look at its heyday: Mom at home, the sergeant at work, the family at play. 1956. 27 mins., col., sd. PERF

From Dreamland Sent. History of the 1893 Maine State Building now in Poland Spring, Maine. 1995. 25 mins., b&w, sd.

Great Cranberry Island. Amateur film by Robert Browning of a young boy on Cranberry Isles, Maine, learning about island life. 1930. 60 mins., b&w, si. PERF

History is Always Being Made at Bucksport. History of Champion International paper mill and the town. 1995. 23 mins., col., sd.

Knox County on Parade. The people of a mid-coast Maine community workplaces and recreation. 1940. 43 mins., col., si.

Maine Barbecue. A “how to” film for outdoor cookery experts staged on a Maine lake. Includes opera singing rehearsal at Gilbert and Sullivan Festival Theatre in Monmouth. 1957. 8 mins., col., sd. PERF

Mysteries of the Unknown: A Documentary about our Community. See Student Work.

Norumbega: Maine in the Age of Exploration and Settlement. Early Maine history, based on maps transferred from a slide tape. 1989. 16 mins., col., sd. PERF

Places of Interest in the Bucksport Area. See Student Work.

Sunrise County USA. 50 cities and town of Washington County, Maine: logging, fishing, boating, hunting. 32 mins., co., sd.

This Land: The Story of a Community Land Trust and a Co-Op Called H.O.M.E. Karen Saum’s documentary on Orland, Maine organization. 1983. 26 mins., col., sd. PERF

Wohelo, 1919. A promotional film of girls’ camp activities on Sebago Lake, Maine. 10 mins., b&w, si. PERF


A Downeast Smile-In with Marshall Dodge. Three episodes on one videotape of the storyteller’s original series, first broadcast on Maine Educational Television in 1970. 90 mins., col., sd.

Way Back Home. See Feature Films.

Morrison, Jane Collection

Children of the North Lights. Children’s book creators Ingri and Edgar d’Aulaire. 1976. 20 mins., col., sd.

In the Spirit of Haystack. Noted craft school in Deer Isle, Maine. 1979. 10 mins., col., sd.

Los Dos Mundos de Angelita/The Two Worlds of Angelita. A Puerto Rican family’s move to the Lower East Side of New York. 1982. 73 mins., col., sd.

Master Smart Woman. See Artists and Authors.

The White Heron. A young girl’s choice between friendship and a creature she loves. Story by Sarah Orne Jewett. 1989. 26 mins., col., sd.

Oral History

Carlton Willey. See Student Work.

Hap Collins of South Blue Hill. Jeff Titon’s oral history interview with field footage of a lobsterman, painter and poet. 1989. 56 mins., col., sd. PERF

R. Buckminster Fuller. Architect and visionary; University of Maine Distinguished Visitors interview. 1968. 30 mins., b&w, sd. PERF

William Kienbusch. Artist; University of Maine Distinguished Visitors interview. 1968. 30 mins., b&w, sd. PERF

Maine s Golden School Days, 1890-1930. See Student Work.

Maine Survivors Remember the Holocaust. Eight Maine survivors talk about World War II. 1994. 43 mins., col., sd.

An Oral Historian’s Work with Dr. Edward Ives. A “how to” illustrating an oral history project by the founder of the Maine Folklife Center. 1987. 30 mins., col., sd. PERF

Russell Wiggins, newspaper publisher and diplomat. University of Maine Distinguished Visitors interview. 1968. 30 mins., b&w, sd. PERF

Political Discourse

John F. Kennedy Speech. Anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, October 1963 at University of Maine homecoming. 30 mins., b&w, sd. PERF

Ella Knowles: A Dangerous Woman. See Student Work.

Muskie vs. Monks: The Final Round. The third election debate between Senator Edmund S. Muskie and his Republican opponent Robert Monks on accountability. 1976. 58 mins., col., sd.

Margaret Chase Smith Speech. Declaration of intention to run for President, includes Q&A. 1964. 17 mins., b&w, sd. PERF

Student Work

The Batteau Machias. Student project on construction of a traditional river-driving boat. 1990. 22 mins., col., sd. PERF

Best of Fifteen Years: The Maine Student Film and Video Festival. Compilation directed by video educator Huey. 1993. 58 mins., col., sd.

Carlton Willey. Baseball pitcher, 1958 rookie of the year, interviewed in a high school project. Unedited interview from VHS master. 1990. 39 mins., col., sd. PERF

Ella Knowles: A Dangerous Woman. Video on a suffragist & Bates alumna by Robert Branham & students. 1991. 25 mins., col., sd.

Maine’s Golden School Days, 1890-1930. A project of The Phillips-Strickland House, Bangor. Interviews and still photos. A project of 8th graders from the Caravel Middle School. 1996. 30 mins., col., sd. PERF

Mysteries of the Unknown: A Documentary about our Community. An outstanding student video about Bucksport, Maine, with original music. 1990. 30 mins., col., sd.

Places of Interest in the Bucksport Area. A student project. 1989. 60 mins., col., sd.

Roughing the Uppers: The Great Shoe Strike of 1937. Documentary by Robert Branham and Bates College students about CIO shoe strike in Lewiston & Auburn, Maine. 1992. 55 mins., col., sd.

Traveling Through the Dark: A Day in the Life of Scott Grindle. Portrait of a blind 7th-grader by his schoolmates at the Blue Hill, Consolidated School. 1997. 14 mins., col., sd. PERF


Bryant Pond, The Last Ringdown. America’s last magneto telephone company, in Bryant Pond, Maine. Produced by GTE Visnet. 1982. 12 mins., col., sd. PERF

Ice Harvesting Sampler. See Country Life.


The Cold War / Transportation / TV Commercials. Three compilation tapes from the Bangor Historical Society/WABI collection. 40 to 50 mins. each; b&w, si. and sd. PERF

Maine’s TV Time Machine. The 1950s and early 60s in news, sports and local commercials. 1989. 34 mins., b&w, sd. PERF


The Bangor & Aroostook Railroad. A documentary on Maine railroads. 1991. 30 mins., col., sd.

Moving History: Two-foot Rail Returns to Maine. Antique trucks haul the Edaville Railroad trains to Portland. 1993. 48 mins., col., sd.

Northern Railroads. Steam era footage, stories by railroaders and historians. 1995. 60 mins., col. and b&w., sd.

Ride the Sandy River Railroad. One of the country’s best two-foot-gauge railroads. 1930. 30 mins., b&w, si. with intertitles.

Women s Issues

Berenice Abbott: A View of the Twentieth Century. See Artists and Authors.

On the Job: Women Launching a New Tradition. Women who worked in the ship building industry during wartime in US, in the 1940s. 1997. 29 mins.

Working Women of Waldo County: Our Heritage. Documentary–basketmaking, farming, and other work. 1979. 26 mins., col., sd. PERF

Also in this series, Today and Her Story. See also Jane Morrison Collection.


Cut and Run. Health and safety in the woods in the era of mechanization, by Richard Searls. 1980. 40 mins., col., sd. PERF

Dead River Rough Cut. Lives and philosophies of two woodsmen-trappers by Richard Searls and Stuart Silverstein. 1976. 55 mins., col., sd.

Forest Wars, “Can we have our wood products and our forest too?” 1996. 72 mins., col., sd. PERF

From Stump to Ship: A 1930 Logging Film. Complete look at the long-log industry from forest to on board a schooner bound for New York. 1930. 28 mins., b&w, sd. PERF

In the Public Interest: The Civilian Conservation Corps in Maine. The federal work program from Acadia National Park to Cape Elizabeth. 1987. 58 mins., sd., col. and b&w.

King Spruce. Harvesting pulpwood, includes horses and mechanical log haulers. ca. 1940. 23 mins., col., sd. PERF

Last Log Drive Down the Kennebec. Documentary about Scott Paper s last log drive. 1976. 30 mins., col., sd.

Little Log Cabin in the Northern Woods. Amateur film of a young woman’s hunting trip near Brownville, Maine, with a professional guide. ca. 1930. 13 mins., b&w, si. PERF

October Fury. A documentary examining the destructive forest fires Maine experienced in October of 1947. Produced for the Maine Forest Service. 1997. 30 mins. PERF

Our White Pine Heritage. How the trees are harvested for use in construction, papermaking, etc. 1948. 16 mins., b&w, sd. PERF

Pilgrim Forests, Civilian Conservation Corps work in New England. Acadia National Park and White Mountain National Forest. ca. 1933. 10 mins., b&w, si. PERF

River Run. Machias River watershed and the log drive. ca.1951. 15 mins., col., sd.

Shingles Made in Maine. The process of cutting and installing white cedar shingles in East Corinth, Maine. 1990. 30 mins., col. sd. PERF

Then it Happened. 1947 forest fires that devastated Maine. Focuses on aftermath in southern Maine. 20 mins. col., sd. PERF

Woodsmen and River Drivers, Another Day, Another Era. Unforgettable individuals who worked for the Machias Lumber Company. 1989. 30 mins., col. and b&w, sd. PERF

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