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Location Map for Dixfield

Location Map for Dixfield

Year Population
1970 2,188
1980 2,389
1990 2,574
2000 2,514
2010 2,550
Dixfield Population Chart 1810-2010

Population Trend 1810-2010

Geographic Data
N. Latitude 44:32:24
W. Latitude 70:23:01
Maine House District 116
Maine Senate District 18
Congress District 2
Area sq. mi. (total) 41.6
Area sq. mi. (land) 41.2
Population/sq.mi. (land) 61.9
County: Oxford

Total=land+water; Land=land only
Veterans Memorial in East Dixfield (2010)

Veterans Memorial in East Dixfield (2010)

[DIX-field] a town in Oxford County, incorporated on June 21, 1803 from a portion of the Holman Grant.

Dr. Elijah Dix, a substantial landowner in the area, bought the town (and Dixmont) which bears his name.

He allegedly promised to establish a library if the town were named after him. Afterwards, he sent a set of old medical books and some dictionaries, to the consternation of the towns people.

Dixfield Birdseye View 1896

Dixfield Birdseye View 1896

Dr. Dix’s son, Joseph, lived in Hampden where Joseph’s daughter, the future social reformer, Dorothea Lynde Dix was born in 1802.

The Webb River forms the line between Dixfield and Mexico.  It rises from the brooks in Weld, through the wetlands in Carthage, to meet the Androscoggin at Dixfield Village.

Dixfield Village, on combined routes U.S. 2 and Maine 17 and intersecting with Route 142, is clearly the main village of the town. It contains both civic and commercial amenities, including schools and other public buildings.

Dirigo High School (2013)

Dirigo High School (2013) @

Dr. G. G. Defoe Gymnasium (2013)

Dr. G. G. Defoe Gym (2013) @

Kelly Dirigo Middle School i(2013)

Kelly Dirigo Mid. School (’13) @

Bank and Houses (2013)

Bank and Houses (2013) @

Stores and Gas Station (2013)

Stores and Gas Station (2013) @

Post Office & Town Office (2013)

Post Office, Town Office ’13 @

Fire Department (2013)

Fire Department (2013) @

Ludden Library (2013)

Ludden Library (2013) @

Inventor Leonard Norcross was a resident of the town in the early 19th century. According to Isaacson, “In 1834 Leonard Norcross invented and patented a type of ‘diving armor’ that utilized Goodyear’s invention of India rubber cloth. Old newspaper articles say the Norcross diving outfits were used in raising the Russian fleet sunk off Sebastopol in the Crimean War and in cleaning gunboats in Civil War times.”

Former School in East Dixfield (2013)

Former School in East Dixfield (2013) @

Mystic Valley Grange in East Dixfield (2013)

Mystic Valley Grange in East Dixfield (2013) @

East Dixfield Fire Department (2013)

East Dixfield Fire Department (2013) @

Post Office in East Dixfield (2010)

Post Office in East Dixfield (2010)

United Baptist Church in East Dixfield (2010)

United Baptist Church in East Dixfield (2010)

Form of Government: Town Meeting-Select Board-Manager.

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Additional resources

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