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Castle Hill

Location Map For Castle Hill

Location Map For Castle Hill

Year Population
1970 519
1980 509
1990 449
2000 454
2010 425
Castle Hill Population Chart 1870-2010

Population Trend 1870-2010

Geographic Data
N. Latitude 46:41:58
W. Latitude 68:13:38
Maine House District 146
Maine Senate District 1
Congress District 2
Area sq. mi. (total) 37.0
Area sq. mi. (land) 37.0
Population/sq.mi. (land) 11.5
County: Aroostook

Total=land+water; Land=land only

Sign: "Welcome to Castle Hill" on the Dudley Road in Castle Hill (2014)

[KAS-el HILL] a town in Aroostook County, incorporated on February 25, 1903 from Castle Hill Plantation. According to George Varney, the 1886 landscape of the then plantation appeared as follows:

Potato Field, Fall 2001

Potato Field, Fall 2001

It is on the stage-line [Route 227] from Presque Isle to Ashland. . . . The township is without high hills and large ponds. . . . The Universalists and the Baptists have societies in the town, and sustain ministers a portion of the time.  The plantation has six public schoolhouses . . .

Castle Hill’s population in 1870 was 237, leaping to 419 in 1880. The 1,341 foot high Haystack Mountain is the only exception to Varney’s characterization of the landscape.

Haystack Mountain from Haystack Road in Castle Hill (2001)

Haystack Mountain from Haystack Road (2001)

Phineas Ellis was the first town manager of Castle Hill, and served neighboring Mapleton in that position as well.  He was in the legislature from 1935 to 1937, and again in 1947.  Ellis, in Call Me Phin, wrote about the infamous lynching of Jim Cullen of Mapleton in Presque Isle in 1873.

This small, rural community is served by Maine Route 227  ten miles west of Presque Isle and a small section of Route 163 in its southeast corner, known as the Haystack Road.  Locally the town has four roads: Dudley, McDonald, Turner and Waddell. The unimproved Richardson Road, extending north from Turner Road, passes close by the namesake Castle Hill near a major bend in the Aroostook River.

The Dudley Road (2014)

The Dudley Road (2014) @

The McDonald Road (2014)

The McDonald Road (2014) @

Advent Christian Church at Turner Road and Route 227 (2014)

Church:Turner Rd/Rt 227 ’14@

In 2013 “A Comprehensive Plan for the Towns of Mapleton, Castle Hill and Chapman,” was adopted by each town.

A brief history, condensed here, was included in the Plan:

In 1843, early settlers and surveyors found their way to Northern Aroostook County. The region boasted of prime forests, fertile farm lands, one mountain, a river abundant with speckled trout and few beaver ponds, as well as swamps and rocky hills.

The Aroostook River snaked its way through the tall timbers and green countryside. Near the river atop a steep hill, a large structure was erected by early surveyors. The log building and platform sat with the grandeur of a castle positioned to see many miles up and down the river during the Aroostook War. For this, the township was named.

Castle Hill Grange No. 260 on State Road near Waddell Road (2015)

Castle Hill Grange No. 260 on State Road (2015) @

The River, in the northwest corner of the town, is largely inaccessible except for rough woods roads and trails. After the “War” was settled in 1843, settlement increased, especially in the 1850s.  Thereafter new schools were built, and growth continued throughout the 19th century. The Castle Hill Grange was formed in 1903 and its building doubled as the town hall.

Few community buildings remain, but evidence of a small settlement remains at the intersection of the McDonald Road and the old stage road.

Two Unoccupied Buildings at the Corner of McDonald Road and Route 227 (2014)

Two Unoccupied Buildings at the Corner of McDonald Road and Route 227 (2014)

Large Maple Tree at the Corner of McDonald Road and Route 227 (2014)

Large Maple Tree at the Corner of McDonald Road and Route 227 (2014)

The boom times of the 1920s raised local incomes and the value of livestock. The Great depression changed all this, as it did for most Americans.  Since then the town has relied on potato farming and logging as its primary source of employment.

Long View on the Dudley Road toward Mapleton (2014)

Long View on the Dudley Road toward Mapleton (2014)

Potato Fields near the Dudley Road in Castle Hill (2014)

Potato Fields near the Dudley Road in Castle Hill (2014)

Form of Government: Town Meeting-Select Board-Manager.

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