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Aroostook County

Map of Maine Counties and Baxter Park

the “rooftop of Maine,” John Steinbeck. This northernmost county, known as “the County,” is the state’s largest, established in 1839, during the “Aroostook War.” Famed for its potato growing, the County’s premiere crop has declined steadily, as has its population. Nevertheless, agriculture still dominates the County’s economy and its culture. Continue reading

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Location Map For Codyville

is a plantation in eastern Washington County organized in 1871. Recent population losses may threaten its ability to survive. Maine Route 6 links it to Vanceboro on the Canadian Border. This heavily forested area is subject to the “Eastern Interior Region Management Plan” of the Maine Department of Conservation. See photos. Continue reading

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Economic Data

Agriculture Number of farms and acreage since 1930 Agricultural Subsidies Paid to Maine Farms 1999-2001 Labor Force Employment by Industrial Sector Employment by Top 50 Employers Labor Force, Employed and Unemployed Since 1976 Unemployment Rate: US, New England, Maine Since … Continue reading

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Economy, Labor History

Panel 1

People who have worked on farms, in forests, on the seas, in mills, factories and offices — all have contributed to the Maine economy over the past nearly four centuries.  In the twenty-first century more people are working in commercial, … Continue reading

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Employment by Industry

Change in Employment Sectors 1990-2010

In 1990 Trade (17.5%) and Manufacturing (17.4%) constituted the largest employment sectors in the Maine economy. By 2010, Manufacturing had faded to 8.6%, and the top two employment sectors were Trade (17%) and Education and Health Services (20.2%).  During the … Continue reading

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Employment, Top 50 Employers

Top 50 Employers 2014

The rank of private sector employment by Maine firms varies with both long- and short-term trends in the economy. The table below is a snapshot of the fifty largest private employers in Maine in the first quarter of 2012 and … Continue reading

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Labor Force

Chart of Maine Labor Force

The labor force is defined as the total of people employed and those who are unemployed and seeking employment. While growing in the long term, Maine’s total labor force actually contracts from time to time as people stop seeking employment. … Continue reading

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Tenement Housing Usually Serves Low-Income People (2002)

Official Poverty Levels by Family Size Size Income 1 $10,210 2 $13,690 3 $17,170 4 $20,650 5 $24,130 6 $27,610 7 $31,090 8 $34,570 – – – – – – – – – – For each additional family member, add … Continue reading

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Status of Women 1892

[pp. 13-17] LIST OF EMPLOYMENTS. Women were found engaged in the following employments. Artists. Art stores. Bazaars. Cigar stores. Crockery stores. Confectionery stores. Dry goods stores. Dry goods and notion stores. Dry goods and carpet stores. Dry and fancy goods … Continue reading

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Unemployment Statistics 1969-2011

Average annual unemployment in Maine’s economy was consistently higher than the national average from 1969 through 1980. For the next decade, 1981 through 1990, the opposite was true! Since then, Maine’s annual unemployment rate has generally tracked the national rate, … Continue reading

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