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Republican Party Platform 1964

Believing that this Republic became great because of the political contributions of free and responsible citizens, deriving their dignity and stature from the fundamental principle of “Government of the People, by the People and for the People,” the Republican Party of the State of Maine reaffirms its support of the original concept of the American Doctrine. We believe in fiscal responsibility as the basic quality for leadership, and urge a policy of efficiency and economy in all branches of State Government.

We direct our attention to the need to protect individual freedom in order that our sense of responsibility may be strengthened, and we believe government should engage only in those activities that can be efficiently and legitimately done by government. New laws should be weighed against this simple maxim, bearing in mind that we live in a changing world and must stand ready to adapt when occasion requires.

The Republican Party of Maine reaffirms its faith and belief in our form of government at the state, county and local level. We reaffirm the stand that all citizens are entitled to equal opportunity.


We advocate these specific proposals on the national scene:

We favor a constitutional amendment to permit the reading of scriptures and the reciting of prayers in the nation’s public schools, with due respect for the right of the minorities.

We propose that our present weak foreign policy be strengthened by making more positive use of our inherent powers and leadership; we will not rest until Cuba is returned to a free Cuban people with free elections, and we advocate all reasonable measures to prevent the spread of Communism to any other country in the Western Hemisphere. To this end, we deplore the strengthening of Communist countries by the sale, to them, of any commodities necessary to the sustenance of their economies, ideologies and continued efforts to spread their spheres of influence.

To assist parents in educating their children, we favor liberal Federal income tax deductions, and we recommend consideration of scholarship aid for those with ability but in financial need. For the betterment of Maine industry, we advocate fairer methods of allocating residual oil imports, and for the betterment of Maine agriculture, we advocate equalization of freight rates on feedstuffs.

The Maine Republican Congressional Delegation has steadfastly supported and shows unanimity in favor of the Passamaquoddy power development. We add our support to their efforts.


We take notice that the redistricting and reapportionment of the state, completed by the Republican 100th and 101st Legislatures, has achieved national attention, and that Maine now has government by the most equitable representation prevailing in the nation. We commend Party members who participated in this difficult but important accomplishment.


The State’s resources, present and potential, human and material, need to be further developed. This will have to be done by citizens who are well trained, adaptable to change, and able to cope with a rapidly moving technological society. Therefore, the Party, viewing education as a capital investment in human resources, stands for a system of education which meets the needs of a modern age and is appropriate for this State.

As a first step toward meeting these objectives, we urge a thorough review of education in Maine. Recognizing the fact that there is no “ideal” system suitable for everyone, we have the responsibility of achieving standards appropriate to our unique problems; not to attempt to duplicate a system of education suitable for other sections of this country, but to develop facilities and programs which will meet the varying needs of our citizens.


We recommend continued highway improvement both in main arteries and rural areas in order to promote a safer highway system, and to advance further the economic growth and prosperity of the entire State — and for a more beneficial enjoyment and use of its recreational facilities.


We urge appropriate legislative action to qualify recreation enterprises under the Maine Industrial Building Authority, and recommend that the Maine Industrial Building Authority be broadened to include fishing and agriculture.

Observing in recent years the phenomenal growth of our winter sports facilities, we recommend that the resources of our entire state, both public and private, be geared to their further development, to the end that Maine can and will entertain the 1976 International Winter Olympics. We urge the Department of Economic Development to continue its expanded national advertising program to attract year-round vacationers to Maine’s four-season vacationland. We urge expansion of our state park and camping facilities to accommodate the ever-increasing number of visitors who seek such services.

Notwithstanding the importance of recreational development to Maine’s economy, we urge continued efforts to attract new industry. We also urge full support and cooperation with existing industry. To realize our development potential to its fullest extent we urge continued and expanded cooperation between developers and landowners.

We recognize the significant impact on Maine’s economy of the recently announced plans for expansion by many of our paper companies. Their confidence in Republican Maine is demonstrative of our ability to progress in all areas of economic development.

Since transportation is a vital key to Maine’s situation, we urge continued study and effort, with all phases of this problem.

We commend the Republican 101st Legislature for swiftly amending the Maine Industrial Building Authority act to make possible the success of Maine’s application for sugar beet acreage; and we proudly take notice of Republican Party efforts, which, at all levels, aided in the achievement of this success.


Maine has enjoyed over the years excellent labor-management relations, and to promote industrial expansion we will strive to maintain these good relations both by supporting statutory changes in our labor laws where inequities are found to exist and by increased benefits where necessary, but pursuing neither course to the detriment of either labor or industry.

We take notice that the Legislative Research Committee is studying the Employment Security Act to ascertain if there are inequities therein. We commend their interest, and recommend that they carefully evaluate the provisions of the Act in order to offer proper guidance to the next Legislature in this all-important area.

We also recommend that the minimum wage be increased from its present level of $1.00 per hour and that workers’ benefits under the Workmen’s Compensation Act be increased.

The entire nation envies Maine her forests and waterways. As this country has seen her frontiers recede, Maine still has her wilderness and the recreational assets it offers. Simultaneously, our state has created and expanded forest-based industries without diminishing our potential. We endorse the multiple use concept of our timber, water, fish and wildlife resources. Believing our Maine experience in pioneering wilderness vacations is reliable, we stand for a policy of Maine control of these resources, with specific reference to the Allagash, and similar water courses.


We emphasize that agriculture is one of our basic Maine industries.

We commend the successful actions of Gov. Reed and our Republican Congressional Delegation in securing a basic sugar beet allotment for Maine, and, pledge continued support of the project.

We favor greater promotional efforts for Maine’s agricultural products on both national and international levels. To encourage favorable results from such promotional efforts we urge our Republican Congressional Delegation to continue to do all within its power toward the lowering of Common Market tariff restrictions affecting Maine’s broiler industry; and achieving the relaxation of import quarantine regulations which discriminate unfairly against Maine potatoes on the Continent.


The legislative programs of the Republican Party have consistently shown sympathy for those genuinely in need. Reaffirming continuance of these programs, we suggest in addition:

A general revision of the pauper and settlement laws to assist our towns and cities in their welfare programs.

Modernization of laws relating to attachment of wages and poor debtor disclosure.

Establishment of local and county mental health facilities with state assistance.


Maine coastal fisheries demand our concern. Efforts must be made to find new products, locate new markets and develop new methods and techniques. We urge greater attention to the needs of our coastal communities. We propose a marine food research laboratory in the Sea and Shore Fisheries Department, advocate more marine training programs, and urge purposeful attention to the problems of polluted waters. We petition for further effort on the national level to provide increased Coast Guard service to our tidal areas.

We oppose a personal income tax in Maine.

While no reliable estimates of the biennial needs of the state are available at this time, our State Government should attempt to continue adequate services to our people by combining existing tax income with increases which may be expected from an expanding economy under wise development, and promotion of our other assets and resources. We support the effort of our Governor and the Executive Council to economize in the costs of existing state services.

Maine is a state with a heritage. In all our efforts toward the well being of the future, we should not lose sight of our historical past. One of our virtues is being ourselves. The proper balance in our state affairs is a social, political and even an economic asset. Pride in Maine is laudable. The Republican Party acknowledges the importance of personality, individualism and simple dignity in the citizen of the State, and urges that all projects and programs of public policy recognize these virtues. Keep Maine Maine.

Source: publication by the Maine Democratic Party in 1964 of both the Democratic and Republican state party platforms. Address on the document: 277 Lisbon Street, Lewiston, Maine.

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