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Republican Party Platform 1948

The Republican Party of Maine lends its full support to foreign policy which recognizes the political and economic responsibility of the United States in achieving peace with freedom in the world community.

The Republican Party of Maine urges initiative and leadership by the American government toward the strengthening of the United Nations as an effective agency for the enactment and enforcement of world law to prevent war.


We commend the efforts of our Congressional Delegation to correct the unfairness of the reciprocal trade agreement as it affects Maine products, and recommend to them endorsement of price support for essential commodities at levels consistent with production costs.

We note the progress made under the present Republican State Administration in research and marketing of Maine’s agricultural products and endorse expansion of this program to the end that new uses and new by-products of Maine essential crops may be more abundantly produced, and economically distributed.


We commend the Republican administration for the passage of legislation which provides for more adequate pay for teachers thus raising the educational standards of our state and pledge continued a support of a program which provides equal educational opportunities for our youth.

Electric Utilities

We recommend that the Legislature give consideration to the lessons taught by the drought experience of 1947-1948 and consider what measures, if any, which should be taken to procure more rapid development of electric generating capacity in the state.

Fiscal Policy

We commend the ‘policy of Republican administrations of operating within income and at the same time paying off state debt a rapidly. We urge a continuation of this sound policy.


We endorse an aggressive highway program which will adequately serve the urban and rural areas of our state.

We urge the continuance of the policy of the Republican Party in maintaining the highway program on a “pay as you go basis.”


We point with pride to the excellent labor relations existing in the State of Maine and pledge the continued fair treatment of labor-management problems.

Primary Elections

We recommend the submission of a constitutional amendment whereby the choice of candidates for statewide and national offices in primary elections to provide for choice of such candidates by majority vote in run-off elections in cases where no candidate receives clear majority of all of the votes cast for such office in the regular primary election.

Rehabilitation Forest Fire Areas

We pledge a thorough study of the financial and reforestation needs of municipalities affected by the recent forest fires, and the consideration of a long range program designed to assist these municipalities and such municipalities as may in the future be confronted with similar emergencies in their financial rehabilitation.


Appreciating the magnificent job done by women of the state in all lines of work and recognizing their continued interest in and contribution to better government, we favor greater recognition of women in party councils and in appointment to public office.

Young Republicans

We commend the policy of the present and recent state administrations of recognizing youth by placing young Maine people in responsible positions. We believe that, in this adjustment period following war and changing economic conditions, the Republican party has most to offer, I and the party recognizes and welcomes youth in its council and administration.


The Republican party urges the continued active support of the State Division of Veterans Affairs to include an expanded program aimed at overcoming the handicaps faced by the serviceman and woman seeking to return to their normal place in competitive society.


We pledge our support to legislation that will increase payments to recipients of state welfare benefits. We also favor general liberalization of our welfare provisions so that actual needs of those eligible will be met by fair and just payments by our Welfare Department.


We commend Governor Hildreth and the 93rd Legislature for meeting and solving the problems of state government courageously and firmly in these difficult times.

We commend the economic program provided and carried out by the Republican administration in all State Departments thus further improving the excellent financial condition of our state.

Source: Kennebec Journal, April 2, 1948. (Errors in the text may have been made by the newspaper and not the Republican Party.)

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