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Republican Party Platform 1940

The Republicans of Maine, in convention assembled, adopt the following statement of principles, upon which they ask the support of the electorate of Maine in the coming election.

I We believe the so called New Deal experiment has run the limit of its useful course, because:

1. The economic ills it sought to cure are still with us, some in multiple form and extent.

2. It is increasing the burden of public debt in ever mounting billions.

3. It has continued an unbalanced national budget, creating labor difficulties without precedent, destroyed business enterprise, curtailed personal liberties, and by federal interference and coercion is undermining the Sovereignty of the States, and if continued eventually will destroy it.

II We heartily endorse the efforts of the Republican Party to remedy these evils, to observe the constitutional separation of the powers of government, protect the Sovereignty of the States and to respect the Bill of Rights, which is the only safeguard of our personal liberties.

III We advocate an American foreign policy which will keep us out of war with honor to our nation. The achievement of honorable safety to this nation always should be placed before glory for those who are seeking to assume a role in international affairs by the use of unofficial agents. Adequate defense against possible aggression is a safeguard of peace.

IV We again commend the administration of the Chief Executive and his cooperation with the Legislature and various departments of the State.

V We commend the 89th Legislature for its enactments of laws effecting [sic] numerous economies in state government.

VI The Republican Party established civil service in Maine . We recommend its extension in state and municipal government, and especially to the police force of municipalities.

VII We oppose any increase in existing burdens on Maine citizens or of business.

VIII We favor a lessening of the burden of taxation and regulations now borne by owners of motor vehicles, and in view of the widespread of dissatisfaction of the people of Maine with the recently enacted automobile title law, we recommend its repeal.

IX We favor and recommend the continuance of old age assistance commensurate with need.

X We believe in an agricultural program which shall be based upon the American tradition of abundance, without regimentation. The State can best serve this industry by a continuation of the services now being conducted by the State Department of Agriculture.

XI We favor appropriation for the maintenance and extension of our educational system, including vocational education and the equalization of opportunities.

XII We believe the industries of Maine should not be compelled to compete with the products of foreign seas, soil, and manufacture. We condemn trade agreements entered into by the Executive Department of the Federal Government without approval by the Senate, which are affecting adversely the interests of our lumbermen, farmers, fishermen and manufacturers, and all of our citizens engaged in these industries.

XIII We believe in the right of labor to organize and bargain collectively through representatives of it own choosing, and favor the creation of a state commission to supervise relations between employer and employe [sic] with equal regard to the best interests of both, and of the public. We advocate the establishment of arbitration proceedings of a public nature prior to recourse either to strike by employes [sic] or to lock-out by employers.

XIV We believe that, in all respects women should have the same rights and privileges under the laws as have men.

XV We favor measures to develop marine transportation to and from our ports and along our coast; we especially advocate an increased use of the facilities of the Port of Portland .

XVI The continued development and maintenance of our highway system, including rural roads, is of the utmost importance. The prosecution of this work within our income and available funds must therefore be carried on.

XVII We call upon the Federal Department of Justice to bring to trial persons publicly accused of misuse and misappropriation of Federal funds paid to Maine for the benefit of the poor and needy and administered by the Federal Emergency Relief Administration.

Believing in the foregoing principles we confidently appeal to the voters of Maine to support the candidates of the Republican Party in the coming elections. An overwhelming Republican victory in September will send a message to the whole Nation that will give hope of the reestablishment of a government in the nation truly of, for and by the people, and will assure the continuance of competent and efficient government in Maine.

Source: Portland Press Herald, April 5, 1940. (Errors in the text may have been made by the newspaper and not the Republican Party.)

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