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Republican Party Platform 1938

1. The integrity and complete separation of the functions of executive, legislative and judicial branches of Federal government must be maintained.

2. We believe in adequate naval and military preparedness for national defense.

3. We advocate such Federal taxation as essential and consistent with sound economic policies.

4. We do not countenance Federal competition with private industry.

5. The objectives of social Security are sound. Diversion of social security funds is wrong. The application of social security should be broadened. We believe in a “pay as you go” policy for social security.

6. We believe in an agricultural program which shall be based upon the American tradition of abundance, without regimentation.

7. We advocate a sound currency. The first requisite to sound and stable currency is a balanced budget. We oppose further devaluation of the dollar. We demand restoration to the Congress of authority lodged with it by the Constitution, but now delegated to the executive, to coin money and regulate the value thereof.

8. The products of Maine are threatened by unfair competition from other countries by the lowering of tariff barriers in reciprocal trade agreements. This policy we condemn. We reaffirm our belief in protection to American producers wage earners, and employers, and American products.

9. We urge the restoration to the Senate of the power of ratification of all treaties as is now provided by the Constitution.

10. We unreservedly commend the administration of the state government by Gov. Lewis O Barrows. We especially commend his accomplishments in improving the financial condition of the State.

11. We subscribe to old age assistance as now lawfully established, under the leadership of Governor Barrows, and pledge its further development as rapidly as circumstances warrant.

12. We do not countenance Federal interference with the control of state affairs.

13. We commend the elimination of unnecessary functions and offices, and the reduction of general cost of government.

Pledge No New Taxes

14. We further pledge to the taxpayers of Maine a just distribution of the tax burden, without the levy of new taxes.

15. We believe In the principle of education of our youth, and to this end we pledge our efforts to secure adequate funds for the equalization of educational opportunity.

16. We endorse the action of the last Legislature in the establishment of a civil service system, and advocate its continuance and further development.

17. We favor the enactment of state labor relations legislation adapted to the needs of Maine labor and for the protection of the wage earner. We believe that the Maine Labor Department should be expanded to the extent that safety and sanitary conditions for the workers may be fully assured.

18. We recommend the creation by the last Legislature of a recess committee to investigate occupational disease legislation for the purpose of bettering the condition of the wage earners in the State of Maine.

19. We believe that the state government should take all proper steps to develop and protect the industrial, agricultural and recreational life of our State.

To Aid Port Of Portland

20. Recognizing the valuable natural asset that the Port of Portland comprises for the entire State, we affirm our intention to protect maritime traffic through this port against all discriminations and we will support efforts to increase this labor-producing activity.

21. We believe that the sea and shore fisheries industry in this State should be fully protected, and further developed by research and study of the commercial possibilities of its allied products.

22. We point, with confidence in the intelligence of the electorate, to the fulfillment of our platform promises during the present Republican administration. We invite all Maine citizens to join with us, while guided by our solemnly adopted principles and pledges, we continue to strive to maintain free Institutions for a free people, and a government for the benefit of all the governed.

Source: Portland Press Herald, April 1, 1938.

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