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Location Map for Manchester

Location Map for Manchester

Year Population
1970 1,331
1980 1,949
1990 2,099
2000 2,465
2010 2,580
Manchester Population Chart 1860-2010

Population Trend 1860-2010

Geographic Data
N. Latitude 44:19:32
W. Latitude 69:51:29
Maine House District 84
Maine Senate District 14
Congress District 1
Area sq. mi. (total) 22.4
Area sq. mi. (land) 21.2
Population/sqmi (land) 116.3
County: Kennebec

Total=land+water; Land=land only

[MAN-chess-ter] is a town in Kennebec County, settled in 1774 and incorporated on August 12, 1850 as the large town of Kennebec.

What is now the Manchester Community Church was organized in 1833 and still serves the community near a busy intersection and across from the town offices.

Manchester Community Church (2002)

Community Church (2002) @

Community Church (2013)

Community Church (2013) @

Change continues.  The Community Church acquired a steeple since 2002; the fire department has moved across the street!

After annexing land from Readfield in 1852, the town ceded land to Winthrop, Readfield, Augusta and Hallowell through 1873, and annexed land from Hallowell and Farmingdale in 1870.

The name was changed to Manchester in 1854 in honor of a town in Massachusetts, home to some of its residents.

During the 19th century, Manchester was a mostly agricultural community and was noted for its excellent apple orchards, and some of both traditions remain.

Lakeview Orchards (2013)

Lakeview Orchards (2013) @

Lakeview Orchards (2013)

Lakeview Orchards (2013) @

Farmhouse & Barn (2013)

Farmhouse & Barn (2013) @

The Herd Awaits (2013)

The Herd Awaits (2013) @

The steadily growing community is served by U.S. Route 202 and Maine Routes 11, 17 and 100.

Still a basically rural community, Manchester has maintained its old 1793 North Manchester Meetinghouse.

It also features a sustainable forestry project, supported by the New England Forestry Foundation, within a few hundred yards of the Meetinghouse on Scribner Hill Road.

Manchester Meetinghouse (2013)

Manchester Meetinghouse (2013) @

Allen-Whitney Memorial Forest (2013)

Allen-Whitney Memorial Forest (2013) @

Allen-Whitney Memorial Forest (2013)

Allen-Whitney Memorial Forest (2013) @

A suburb of Augusta, the town has substantial frontage on the northern half Cobbosseecontee Lake.  This portion of the lake, with its many islands and accessible shore frontage, has attracted numerous vacation cottages and year-round homes.

Route 202 Corner (2013)

Route 202 Corner (2013) @

WW II Memorial (2013)

WW II Memorial (2013) @

Elementary School (2013)

Elementary School (2013) @

Manchester’s school, church, town offices and World War II veterans memorial are clustered near the corner of Readfield Road (Route 17) and combined U.S. 202 and Maine Route 100.

Rolling Hills (2013)

Rolling Hills (2013) @

Longfellow's Greenhouse (2013)

Longfellow’s Greenhouse (2013) @

The Jamies Pond Wildlife Management Area is located northeast of the Cobbosseecontee Stream outlet from the lake.

Manchester Town Office and Fire Department (2002)

Town Office, Fire Dept. (2002)

Form of Government: Town Meeting-Select Board-Manager.

Additional resources

Andrews, Jonathan. Account Book, 1803-1813. Cataloger Note: . . . his son Ezekiel Andrews (b. 1784), also a blacksmith, took over the account book, which records his daily business from 1806 to 1813.) Ezekiel lived in “Kennebec,” now Manchester, for one year. [University of Maine, Raymond H. Fogler Library, Special Collections]

Chadbourne, Ava Harriet. Maine Place Names and The Peopling of its Towns.

Labor Account Book. 1833-1869. (Cataloger Note: A volume used by an unidentified person, possibly Enoch Wood, to record work done for various individuals. Jobs included pruning trees, drilling, hauling wood, and splitting rocks as well as the use of oxen. The volume also records work done for the town of Manchester, including serving as a selectman, doing valuations, etc.) [University of Maine, Raymond H. Fogler Library, Special Collections]

Stories About the Town of Manchester and its People. Manchester, Me. Manchester Bicentennial Committee. 1975.

National Register of Historic Places – Listings

Cobbosseecontee Dam Site, Address Restricted

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