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Location Map for Kingman

Location Map for Kingman

Year Population
1970 n.a.
1980 281
1990 246
2000 213
2010 174
Kingman Population Chart 1870-2010

Population Trend 1870-2010

Geographic Data
N. Latitude 45:38*
W. Latitude 68:40*
Maine House District 11
Maine Senate District 30
Congress District 2
Area sq. mi. (total) n.a.
Area sq. mi. (land) n.a.
Population/sq.mi. (land) n.a.
County: Penobscot                        *estimated from several sources

Total=land+water; Land=land only

is an unorganized township in Penobscot County. The area was orgnaized a McCRillis’s Plantation in 1859, and regorganized as Independence Plantation in 1866.  It was incorporated as a town on January 25, 1873 from the former McCrillis and Independence Plantations.

On April 13, 1935 it surrendered its incorporation remaining unorganized until later that year when it reorganized as a plantation in July. This status was short lived and on February 22, 1945 it again surrendered its local government to become an unorganized township.

Mattawamkeag River in Kingman (2003)

Mattawamkeag River in Kingman (2003)

One of the earliest settlers was William Horton from Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1859 who established a farm. According to the Gazetteer of Maine, in 1886,

The settlements are along the Molunkas road, and at the village on the Mattawamkeag, near the centre of town. There are here a large sole-leather tannery of F. Shaw & Brothers, a saw-mill for long and short lumber, one for shingles, and a steam-mill making short lumber.

The increase in population has recently been considerable [185 in 1870; 546 in 1880], and the town bids fair to become an important one.

In the early 1870’s the firm of Shaw and Kingman built a sole-leather tannery and when the town was incorporated, Mr. R. S. Kingman’s name was attached to it.  Mr, Kingman commissioned a “finely Italianate residence” in 1871-1872.

With the passing of the tannery, no other business, and the Depression placing additional burdens on the population, the voters decided to dissolve the town government in 1935.

Kingman Post Office (2003)

Kingman Post Office (2003)

St. James Catholic Chapel (2003)

St. James Catholic Chapel

The village of Kingman lies east of Mattawamkeag at the intersection of the Mattawamkeag River, Maine Route 170 and the Canadian Railway.

It hosts a portion of the Mattawamkeag River Wildlife Management Area, along the Mattagodus Stream in the southeast of the township.

Kingman School (2003)

Kingman School (2003)

Additional sources

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National Register of Historic Places – Listings

Kingman, Romanzo, House, Main Street

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