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Map of Maine showing the location of Jonesport. Green areas are unorganized territories.

Location Map for Jonesport

Year Population
1970 1,326
1980 1,512
1990 1,525
2000 1,408
2010 1,370
Jonesport Population Chart 1840-2010

Population Trend 1840-2010

Geographic Data
N. Latitude 44:33:17
W. Latitude 69:30:54
Maine House District 138
Maine Senate District 6
Congress District 2
Area sq. mi. (tot.) 100.7
Area sq. mi. (land) 28.5
Population/sq.mi. (land) 48.1
County: Washington

Total=land+water; Land=land only

[JONES-port] is a town in Washington County, incorporated on February 3, 1832 from a portion of Jonesborough (Jonesboro). On April 7, 1925 it set off land to form the town of Beals.

The main village is located on Moosabec Reach and the Indian River.

A bridge across the Reach leads to the island community of Beals.  Route 187 loops from U.S. Route 1 to West Jonesport, then to Jonesport and back to Route 1 just west of Jonesboro.

Local residents work in blueberry, fishing and boat building industries, and in tourist services during the summer.

Piers with Lobster Traps near the Jonesport-Beals Bridge

Piers with Lobster Traps near the Jonesport-Beals Bridge

Wharf in Jonesport on Moosabec Reach (2004)

Wharf in Jonesport on Moosabec Reach (2004)

These photos of the Jonesport waterfront with a truck on commercial pier delivering bait or loading fish (right); and fuel on distant float and lobster traps on float in foreground are both typical of the support system for the local fishing industry.

Green crabs, an invasive species first observed in Casco Bay in 1900, reached Jonesport in 1951, threatening the soft shell clam industry.

Moose Peak Light on Mistake Island has the distinction of  serving the foggiest area on the east coast of the United States.  It averages 1580 hours of heavy fog each year. Eastport has 65 days and Portland,  55 days. The lighthouse is at the eastern point of Mistake Island, east of Great Wass Island in Eastern Bay. It is also known as Mistake Island Light; Head Harbor Light; Moose-a-bec Light.

Moose Peak Lighthouse on Mistake Island (2011)

Moose Peak Light on Mistake Island (2011)

Moose Peak Lighthouse on Mistake Island (2011)

Moose Peak Light on Mistake Island (2011)

The site includes a 57 foot  brick and masonry tower (1827), 18 feet in diameter, on four acres of ledge.  The remainder of the island is occupied by the Nature  Conservancy. The public may visit if they walk only on the boarded walkways. More photos here.

Western Brothers Island, managed jointly by The Nature Conservancy and the State Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, is home to seabirds and rare plants.

Jonesport shares the Great Wass Archipelago nature preserve with the adjoining town of Beals.

A 1991 monument to the vessel Nellie Chapin Day stands at the town’s entrance to the bridge. The ship, according to the inscription, left with 157 New Englanders sailing to Jaffa, Palestine in 1866, arriving “to help restore the land of Israel.”

Jonesport from Beals Harbor

Jonesport from Beals Harbor

The view from Beals Island provides a spectacular picture of Jonesport’s waterftont.

Coast Guard Station Jonesport

Coast Guard Station Jonesport

The town hosts a U.S. Coast Guard station, headquartered at the entrance to the Jonesport-Beals Bridge.  The station  was established in 1967. Facilities include a two-story brick building equipped with a third story observation tower, a two-slip boathouse, and a 120-ft pier. Tenant units include the Coast Guard Cutter Moray and Maine Marine Patrol. Coast Guard Station Jonesport’s area of responsibility runs from Long Point (20 miles east of Jonesport) east to Petit Manan Island. It encompasses all navigable waters and offshore islands.

Monument to the Nellie Chapin Day expedition

Monument to the Nellie Chapin Day expedition

Form of Government: Town Meeting-Select Board.

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Jonesport's Peabody Memorial Library

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