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Location Map for Glenburn

Location Map for Glenburn

Year Population
1970 1,196
1980 2,319
1990 3,198
2000 3,964
2010 4,594
Glenburn Population Chart 1830-2010

Population Trend 1830-2010

Geographic Data
N. Latitude 44:54:56
W. Latitude 68:51:20
Maine House District 102
Maine Senate District 10
Congress District 2
Area sq. mi. (total) 29.3
Area sq. mi. (land) 27.2
Population/sqmi (land) 168.9
County: Penobscot

Total=land+water; Land=land only

Sign: Glenburn, Inc. 1822 (2005)[GLEN-burn] is a town in Penobscot County, incorporated on January 29, 1822 under the name of Dutton, changed to Glenburn in 1837.

Samuel Dutton held a major interest in the original township, T1 R3 NWP.

He later became a Judge of Probate, a founder of Bangor Theological Seminary, and an agent for others owning land in the county.

Andy Butler Memorial Park in Glenburn (2014)

Andy Butler Memorial Park (2014) @

Model Village on the Sparkle Pond Road in Glenburn (2014)

Model Village on the Sparkle Pond Road (’14) @

According to Chadbourne, the current name comes from the Scottish glen, a narrow valley, and burn, a small stream in a narrow valley – Kenduskeag Stream.

Glenburn Public Library (2014)

Glenburn Public Library (2014) @

Glenburn School, District Office, Old School (2014) @

Glenburn School, District Office, Old School (2014) @

The town is becoming a major suburb of the Bangor area with population expanding nearly four-fold in the 40 years 1970-2010, and growing at a rate of 16 percent 2000-2010.

Glenburn’s school contains the public library as well. The school office is the 1936 school building.

General Store on Route 15 (2005)

General Store on Rt. 15 (’05)

The boot-shaped town is served by the extension of Bangor’s Broadway (Route 15) to Kenduskeag, and Route 221 to Hudson.

Follow the Pushaw Road north from Bangor to substantial frontage on Pushaw Lake at the villages of Sandy Beach and Lakeside Landing.

Town Office and Honor Roll (2014)

Town Office and Honor Roll (2014) @

Glenburn Fire Department (2012)

Glenburn Fire Department (2012) @

Church in Glenburn (2014)

Church in Glenburn (2014) @

Form of Government: Town Meeting-Council-Manager.

Additional sources

Berry, Clyde G. The Story of a Town: 1882 Glenburn 1972. Glenburn, Me. The Authors. 1972.

Chadbourne, Ava Harriet. Maine Place Names and The Peopling of its Towns.

Glenburn Historic Places

Although the town does not have sites or buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it has many potential historic sites and buildings including the following: (Numbers correspond to locations on Map 3 below.)

1. Original Old School House:

Built in 1936 and located adjacent to the school house. The one-room schoolhouse is no longer the library but is used as office space by the school.

2. Abbot House/Old cemetery:

Also known as the Old Stone House. The Abbot House was built early in the 19th century on the Pushaw Road. Legend has it that the rocks used for construction were brought in from ships by a sea captain that used the rocks as ballast.

3. Brick House:

Built in 1852 with homemade bricks of clay from Lancaster Brook.

4. Emery House:

Built in the middle of the 19th century.

5. Horse Trail:

Slight trace of first horse trail along the Kenduskeag Stream, also possible Indian trail.
Charcoal Kiln: Located off Lancaster Brook Road, built by Megquier family in 1935, there is only one still standing.

6. Old Cemetery:

Approximate location of old cemetery, stones still standing. (See Map 3, #6)

7. Old School House:

Glenburn Center on Megquier’s property dates back to the 1800s.

8. West Glenburn Old School House:

Now serves as West Glenburn Community Center and substation for the Fire Department, over 100 years old.

Glenburn Comprehensive Plan 1998, Map 3.

Glenburn Comprehensive Plan 1998, Map 3.

– – – –

The information above is from the Glenburn 1998 Comprehensive Plan at  [“Inventory and Analysis: Community Character and History Section C.] (accessed November 24, 2016)
No listings on the National Register had been made by November 24, 2016.

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