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Democratic Party Platform 1934

The Convention of the Democratic Party of Maine assembles today in Bangor after passing through the most severe economic depression in all history. Our nation is now on the edge of the depression, and industry and business is now on the road to prosperity that wil1 long endure. We heartily commend to the people of our State the achievements, principles, and policies of our Federal and State Government under the splendid and able leadership of our President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Governor, Louis J. Brann.

Banks and Banking

We advocate quicker methods of realizing on assets for the relief of depositors of suspended banks, and a more rigid supervision of state banks for the protection of depositors and the prevention of the use of their moneys in speculation to the detriment of local credits.


We favor a revision of the tax system and a reduction of the tax on real property. We insist that revenue derived from new source of taxation be applied directly and solely to relieve the present property tax. We favor all equitable and fair revision.


We favor a fixed and adequate fund for education and an equalized distribution to the end that educational opportunities be equal throughout the State.

State Expenditures

We favor maintenance of the state credit by a state budget annually balanced on the basis of accurate executive estimates within revenues, raised by a system of taxation levied on the principle of ability to pay.


We favor legislation advocating a short working-week with a minimum wage, sufficient for the proper sustenance, education and livelihood of the worker and his family.


We advocate, by the means of needed public works, the employment of the unemployed, at a living wage, until such time as industry can absorb them.

Unemployment—Old Age Insurance

We advocate unemployment and old age insurance under state laws.


We favor the protection and preservation of Maine industries as the most important step that can be taken to promote recovery in the State. We pledge the full cooperation of our representatives to that end. We urge the fullest cooperation between the State and Federal officials. We commend the effort of our Governor and Representatives in Congress in this respect and pledge a continuance thereof.

Quoddy Project

We favor the construction of the Quoddy Project at Eastport, Maine, and urge favorable action by the Public Works Administration.

Port of Portland

We advocate the conservation, development and use of the Port of Portland for the greatest interest of the people of Maine and recommend the appointment of a fact, finding commission by the Governor.


We heartily endorse the policy of the federal government as to agricultural relief to the farmer.

State Elections

Maine is the only state in the Union which holds two elections every four years, involving unnecessary expense in time and money to the candidates and the public and added expense to the State. We are in favor, therefore, of an amendment to the Constitution of the State and of such changes in the Statutory Law as may be necessary to change the election of all officers now elected on the second Monday of September as provided by the Constitution, to the Tuesday next after the first Monday in November, thus eliminating the September election and conforming to the method adopted in other states.


In order that the State of Maine may take its rightful place among other states in the Union, obey the mandate of the People of Maine, as expressed by their two-to-one vote for the repeal of our National Prohibitory Law, and to sustain the position taken by our Great President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, this convention favors the Repeal of the State Constitutional Prohibition Amendment.

Repeal of Prohibition will give Maine sorely-needed revenue; act as a blood transfusion to one of the greatest industries in our State—our tourist business, and will maintain Maine’s reputation as the “Summer Play Ground of the Nation,” now in imminent danger of usurpation by neighboring New England states.

In the interest of True Temperance, the 26th Amendment of our Maine Constitution, should be repealed with the absolute guarantee that the saloon shall be forever barred.

In the event of Repeal, we recommend that a non-partisan committee be immediately appointed by the Governor, to study and investigate the various plans now in operation throughout our different states, and foreign countries, for the regulation, taxation, and control of alcoholic beverages, and that said committee report the results of its investigation to the Legislature with such recommendations as it may deem proper.

We invite all, citizens irrespective of party affiliation, who believe in the policies and principles herein-before set forth, to unite with us in electing Democratic candidates who are pledged to put such policies into effect.

Source: Unidentified newspaper clipping. Maine State Law Library. (Errors in the text may have been made by the newspaper and not the Democratic Party.)

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