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Although Maine’s history of human settlement goes back 12,000 years, and evidence of Norse visits date from about 1000 AD, written documentation begins in the late 15th century when John and Sebastian Cabot visited explored the coast. This puzzle focuses on that history. Search the Encyclopedia for answers as needed. Print pages 1 and 2 for the puzzle layout and clues.


History Crossword Layout

Maine History Crossword



1.   Speedy ships that sailed from coast to coast in the mid-19th century
3.   Colony temporarily established on the Kennebec River in 1607.
5.   A small boat used by early explorers to survey the Maine coast
6.   Pelts sought from the Indians by early explorer traders
8.   Alcohol prohibitionist and Prohibition Party candidate for President in 1880
11.   Author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, written in Brunswick
13.   The 1960s saw the development, in Aroostook County, of this controversial sugar beet facility
15.   Newbury Award winning author of children’s books and a longtime resident of Nobleboro
16.   First name of second Maine woman to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate
18.   Concord, Massachusetts man who explored Maine and wrote about his observations, including his climb of Mount Katahdin in 1846
20.   Maine town incorporated in 1812, whose territory was divided among nearby towns, thus ending its existence in 1841
21.   First governor
22.  Powerful Maine Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives in the late 19th century, known as ______ Reed
24.   Island that was a fishing station before settlers came to Maine that supplied starving Pilgrims in 1622
26.   One of two diplomats that negotiated the treaty that ended the “Aroostook War” dispute.


29.   James A. Healy, first ______ U.S. Roman Catholic bishop, heads Portland Diocese.
30.  European explorer of the Maine coast in 1003
32.   Early sculptor of Maine’s hills, valleys, and coastline
36.   Name of the British ship captured by Maine citizens in Machias in 1775
37.   Artist who, in 1884, settled in Prout’s Neck, Scarborough and paints The Life Line
38.   Elijah Parish ______ of Albion was an anti-slavery advocate and pioneer in the defense of the freedom of the press
39.   Northern Maine Air Force Base closed in 1994
40.   Edwin Arlington Robinson’s town that served as a model for his characters who lived in “Tilbury Town.”



1.   Explorer who in 1498 established England’s claimed to Maine and North America
2.   He was granted an exclusive grant in the Province of Maine by King Charles in 1635
3.   The “purchase” from which the towns of Brunswick, Topsham, and Harpswell were created in the 18th century
4.   Webster-Ashburton Treaty settles boundary dispute with England, and this bloodless “War”
7.   Explorer who in 1524 established France’s claimed to Maine and North America
9.   Brunswick College founded in 1794
10.   Name of the epidemic that killed 70-90% of Native Americans during 1616-1619
12.   In an early environmental event, Westbrook residents in 1739 request that a dam owner provide a fishway at these Falls in response to complaints from a local tribe
14.   French explorer who visited the Maine coast and Mount Desert Island in 1604
17.   Sangerville resident who invented the machine gun
19.   French Jesuit missionary killed by the British at a Native American settlement in Norridgewock in 1724, Father _____
23.   Triangular design memorial, in Augusta’s Capitol Park, to this war’s veterans
25.   Wise bird of the night
27.   Pirate who established a short-lived private “republic” at Machias in 1718
28.   Newspaper established in 1825 in Augusta, the _______ Journal
31.   Third in the crops of agriculture grown in Maine about the year 1000: corn, beans and ________
33.   One drink that was the target of Maine prohibitionists
34.   In 1936 only Maine and this state voted against reelection of President F. D. Roosevelt in 1936

35.   Revolutionary War expedition leader through Maine to Quebec



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