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Location Map for Brooksville

Location Map for Brooksville

Year Population
1970 673
1980 753
1990 760
2000 911
2010 934
Brooksville Population Chart 1820-2010

Population Trend 1820-2010

Geographic Data
N. Latitude 44:21:15
W. Latitude 68:45:40
Maine House District 133
Maine Senate District 7
Congress District 2
Area sq. mi. (total) 51.1
Area sq. mi. (land) 31.1
Population/sq.mi. (land) 30.0
County: Hancock

Total=land+water; Land=land only
Condon's Garage in South Brooksville (2001)

Condon’s Garage in South Brooksville (2001)

[BROOKS-vil] is a town in Hancock County, incorporated on June 13, 1817 from portions of Castine, Penobscot, and Sedgwick, whose early history it shares.

Bagaduce River and Castine from West Brooksville (2008)

Bagaduce River and Castine from West Brooksville (2008)

Cape Rosier recalls the name of James Rosier who accompanied George Weymouth in his explorations of 1605 and who wrote an account of the journey.

John Brooks, for whom this town, and the Town of Brooks, is named, was the ninth governor of Massachusetts (1816-1820) and was an active military participant in the Revolution, having the close confidence of General Washington. He toured Maine in 1818.

In 1880 a zinc/copper sulfide deposit was discovered at low tide by a clam digger at Goose Pond. Subsequent intense mining created hazardous wastes that resulted in the U. S. Environmental Protction Agency declaring the area a Superfund Site and put on the National Priority List in 2001.  Cleanup operation are continuing as of 2011.

Brooksville Elementary School (2008)

Brooksville Elementary (2008)

Brooksville Town House (2008)

Brooksville Town House (2008)

This small coastal community witnessed substantial growth in the 1990-2000 decade as its population swelled by just under 20%.

Bucks Harbor in South Brooksville (2001)

Bucks Harbor in South Brooksville (2001)

Bucks Harbor Market in South Brooksville (2001)

Bucks Harbor Market in South Brooksville (2001)

Brooksville boasts one of the best harbors for small boats in the area: Bucks Harbor. (Not to be confused with the other Bucks Harbor in Washington County.) The Harbor is situated on the westerly end of Eggemoggin Reach, which separates nearby Deer Isle and Little Deer Isle from the mainland.

Wetland in Brooksville (2008)

Wetland in Brooksville (2008)

Sign: Holbrook Island Sanctuary (2008)

Holbrook Island Sanctuary (’08)

Helen and Scott Nearing, pioneers of modern self-sufficient organic gardening and simple, healthy living maintained their home here. The Good Life Center is located at their last hand-built home located in Harborside on five acres of forested land overlooking Spirit Cove.

Medal of HonorCongressional Medal of Honor winner:

Philippine Insurrection


Form of Government: Town Meeting-Select Board.

Additional resources

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West Brooksville Congregational Church: 95000727.PDF

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National Register of Historic Places – Listings

Topside, North bank of Walker Pond off Maine Route 176

Von Mach Site, Address Restricted

West Brooksville Congregational Church

West Brooksville Congregational Church UCC (2008)

[Maine Route 176 east side, 1 mile northwest of junction with Varnum Road West Brooksville] Built in 1855, the West Brooksville Congregational Church is a striking and well preserved rural Greek Revival style wooden structure.


The Church was organized on January 4, 1826 and met initially in a nearby school house that also served as the town house. By the early 1850s, erecting a proper church building had become a serious issue. On May 3, 1855, work on the frame began and the church is said to have been completed by haying time. It was dedicated on November 30, 1855.

Cemetery near the West Brooksville Congregational Church

An early 19th century cemetery that pre-dates the church building is nearby. The church itself stands as a monument to the way in which the Greek Revival style was translated in Maine’s wooden rural churches.*

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