Maine: An Encyclopedia

Basketball Boys

Year Class L & A Class B Class M & C

Class D

1922 South Portland
1923 Bangor
1924 Biddeford & Northeast Harbor*
1925 Westbrook
1926 South Portland & Bangor*
1927 Westbrook
1928 South Portland Boys Consecutive Wins; Final Year
1929 South Portland School Wins Year
1930 Cheverus Valley 100 2002
1931 South Portland Waterville 67 1945
1932 Presque Isle Stearns 62 1966
1933 Winslow
1934 Winslow
1935 Rumford Boys Consecutive Championships;  Years
1936 Portland School Wins Years
1937 Winslow Jonesport-Beals 5 1970-1974
1938 Winslow Valley 6 1998-2003
1939 Winslow
1940 Cheverus
1941 Edward Little
1942 Portland
1943 Portland
1944 Waterville
1945 Waterville
1946 Edward Little
Class M Class D
1947 Bangor Patten Carmel
1948 Cheverus Farmington Stevens Academy
1949 Waterville Farmington Schenck
1950 Portland Milo Schenck
1951 Westbrook Livermore Falls Beals
1952 Old Town Milo Beals
1953 Ellsworth Cape Elizabeth Phillips
1954 Ellsworth Greenville Bridgewater
1955 Bangor Bar Harbor Bridgewater
1956 Morse Cape Elizabeth Beals
1957 Old Town Pemetic Easton
1958 South Portland Orono Mount Desert
1959 Bangor Freeport Mount Desert
1960 Lewiston Freeport Mount Desert
Class A Class B
1961 Cheverus Orono Pennell Stonington
1962 Morse Orono Pennell Stonington
1963 Morse Gorham Greely Anson Academy
1964 Stearns Ellsworth Freeport Casco
1965 Stearns Winthrop Mount Desert Easton
1966 Cony Ellsworth Freeport Jonesport
1967 Old Town Orono Brownville Jct. Sherman
1968 Stearns Traip Academy Yarmouth Monson Academy
1969 Caribou Orono Freeport Island Falls
1970 Stearns Bonny Eagle Sumner Jonesport-Beals
Class C
1971 South Portland Schenck Hall-Dale Jonesport-Beals
1972 Westbrook Schenck York Jonesport-Beals
1973 Cony Orono Sumner Jonesport-Beals
1974 Rumford Camden-Rockport Hall-Dale Jonesport-Beals
1975 Westbrook Foxcroft Academy Gray-New Gloucester Gould Academy
1976 Rumford Lake Region Fryeburg Acad Gould Academy
1977 Rumford Medomak Valley Katahdin Jonesport-Beals
1978 Cony Bucksport Jay Oak Grove-Coburn
1979 South Portland Bucksport George Stevens Oak Grove-Coburn
1980 South Portland Medomak Valley Hyde School Buckfield
1981 Cheverus Orono Hyde Buckfield
1982 Cheverus Gorham Dirigo John Bapst
1983 South Portland Wells Dirigo Jonesport-Beals
1984 Westbrook Wells Jay Southern Aroostook
1985 Waterville Lake Region Katahdin Jonesport-Beals
1986 Portland Dexter Falmouth Richmond
1987 Morse Mount View Falmouth Washburn
1988 Morse Cape Elizabeth Old Orchard Machias Memorial
1989 Morse Lincoln Academy John Bapst Rangeley
1990 Lawrence Mountain Valley John Bapst Washburn
1991 Old Town York Wiscasset Southern Aroostook
1992 South Portland Rockland Winthrop Buckfield
1993 Bangor John Bapst Winthrop Jonesport-Beals
1994 Lawrence Mountain Valley Schenck Central Aroostook
1995 Bangor Greely Hodgdon Machias
1996 Bangor Gorham Hodgdon Central Aroostook
1997 Cheverus Greely Falmouth Hyde
1998 Skowhegan Greely Falmouth Valley
1999 Portland Camden-Rockport Falmouth Valley
2000 Bangor Gorham Penquis Valley
2001 Bangor Camden Hills Boothbay Valley
2002 Brunswick Camden Hills Jay Valley
2003 Bangor Winslow George Stevens Valley
2004 Portland Erskine Houlton Calvary Chapel
2005 Hampden Camden Hills Hall-Dale Central Aroostook
2006 Deering Maranacook Calais Central Aroostook
2007 Bangor Mountain Valley Calais Deer Isle
2008 Chevrus Maranacook Winthrop Central Aroostook
2009 Thornton Camden Hills Calais Woodland
2010 Chevrus Falmouth Washington Schenck
2011 Bangor Camden Hills Lee Academy Central Aroostook
2012 Deering Yarmouth Dirigo Jonesport-Beals
2013 Hampden Falmouth Penquis Forest Hills
2014 Portland Old Town Houlton Hodgdon
2015 Hampden Cape Elizabeth Calais Forest Hills
2016 Falmouth Lake Region George Stevens Valley
2017 Greely Mt. Desert George Stevens Machias

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Maine Principals Association

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