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Location Map for Ashland

Location Map for Ashland

Year Population
1970 1,761
1980 1,878
1990 1,542
2000 1,474
2010 1,302
Geographic Data
N. Latitude 46:39:22
W. Latitude 68:21:46
Maine House District 151
Maine Senate District 1
Congress District 2
Area sq. mi. (total) 81.7
Area sq. mi. (land) 80.6
Population/sq.mi. (land) 16.2
County: Aroostook

Total=land+water; Land=land only
Ashland Population Chart 1860-2010

Population Trend 1860-2010

Ashland Village (2015)

Ashland Village (2015)

[ASH-lnd] is a “two township” town in Aroostook County, incorporated on February 18, 1862 from the township of T11 R5 WELS. In 1869 its name change to Dalton, then back to Ashland in 1876.

Ashland Public Library (2015)

Public Library (2015)

Union Congregational Church (2015)

Union Congregational (2015)


Sheridan plantation was organized on May 21, 1878 from T12 R5 WELS, then annexed by Ashland in 1901 to form its present boundaries.

ReEnergy Biomass Plant in Ashland (2001)

ReEnergy Plant (2001) @

ReEnergy Ashland uses biomass as its primary fuel to produce 284,000 net megawatts of electricity each year, enough for about 37,000 homes.

Lumbering was once the major industry, but that activity peaked early in the 20th century. Ashland’s Logging Museum commemorates the industry’s past glory. However, Moosewood Millworks produces hardwood flooring and Katahdin Cedar Homes serves the housing market.

Katahdin Cedar Homes (2015)

Katahdin Cedar Homes (2015)

Moosewood Millworks (2015)

Moosewood Millworks (2015)

Two villages, Frenchville on Route 227 and Sheridan on the Sheridan Road, are north of the main community of Ashland, which is at the junction of state routes 11, 163, and 227 east of Mapleton and Presque Isle.

Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Regional Headquarters (2015)

Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Regional Headquarters (2015) @

Department of Conservation Northern Region Headquarters (2015)

Department of Conservation Northern Region Headquarters (2015) @

Regional headquarters of two state natural resources departments are located in Ashland, not far from the village. Main Street is a mixture of commercial buildings, residences and the veterans memorial.

Main Street (2015)

Main Street (2015)

Ashland Main Street (2015)

Main Street (2015)

Ashland Veterans Memorial (2015)

Veterans Memorial (2015)

Ashland Post Office (2015)

Ashland Post Office (2015)

Ashland Municipal Building (2015)

The Municipal Building (2015)

Ashland Logging Museum (2015)

Logging Museum (2015) @

The Aroostook River passes through the town where it is joined by the Machias River, which emerges from Big Machias Lake in T12 R8 WELS.  (This is not the Machias River found in Washington County.) A public boat launch area built by the Aroostook River Fish & Game Club allows “camping & tenting at your own risk.”

At the Boat Launch on the Aroostook River (2015)

At the Boat Launch (2015) @

At the Boat Launch (2015)

At the Boat Launch (2015)

Aroostook River Fish and Game Club (2015)

Fish and Game Club (2015)

Form of Government: Town Meeting-Council-Manager.

Additional resources

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Franklin, Lynn. Interview with George “Pete” Sawyer. [sound recording] Gorham, Me. Lynn Franklin., 1974. [2 sound cassettes (90 min.) + 1 booklet (12 leaves). Field work was done in Ashland, Maine. Material was acquired for the Northeast Archives of Folklore and Oral History, Maine Folklife Center, University of Maine, Orono Northeast Archives number: 930. Audiotape numbers: T922-T923 Booklet contains description of material on tape. Depositor’s permission to publish required until 12/31/85. Interview with George “Pete” Sawyer of Ashland, Maine, concerning his life and his activities as a forester.

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