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Location Map for Allagash

Location Map for Allagash

Year Population
1970 456
1980 448
1990 359
2000 277
2010 239

Allagash Population Chart 1890-2010

Population Trend 1890-2010

Geographic Data
N. Latitude 47:05:00
W. Latitude 69:02:30
Maine House District 151
Maine Senate District 1
Congress District 2
Area sqmi (total)  131.4
Area sqmi (land)  128.5
Population/sq.mi. (land) 1.95
County: Aroostook

Total=land+water; Land=land only
Allagash Municipal Center (2003)

Allagash Municipal Center (2003)

Veterans Memorial at the Municipal Center (2003)

Veterans Memorial at the Municipal Center (2003)

Sign: Welcome to Allagash (2003)

Sign: Welcome to Allagash (2003)

[AL-ah-gash] a town in Aroostook County at the mouth of the Allagash River, was organized on September 28, 1885 as a plantation from the townships of T16 R10, T16 R11, T17 R10 and T17 R11, all WELS. On January 31, 1966 it incorporated as a town and has the most land area of any minor civil division in Maine at 135.6 square miles. Unfortunately, in every decade since incorporation, it has lost population to barely 50 percent of its 1970 count.

St. John River at Allagash (2003)

St. John River, Allagash (2003)

Allagash River joining the St. John (2003)

Allagash River joining the St. John (2003)

The Allagash River flows through the town and is the tenth longest in the State. At 69 miles, it drains 1,240 square miles in northern Maine. Across the St. John lies the small Canadian town of Connors, in Madawaska County, New Brunswick.

Guide services, and stores provisioning hunting and camping expeditions, appear to be the mainstay of the town’s economy in this community that is literally “at the end of the line,” since Maine Route 161 ends here with no where to go but back.

Author Cathie Pelletier was born and raised here.  Two novels were written under the name K. C. McKinnon: Dancing at the Harvest Moon (also a CBS TV film) and Candles on Bay Street (also a Hallmark Hall of Fame film).

The municipal center is an efficiently used building that includes the town office, fire station, and elementary school.

Buffalo Herd Along Route 161 (2003)

Buffalo Along Route 161 (2003)

A surprising enterprise in Allagash, which does include conventional farms, is the small buffalo herd fenced in along Route 161.

Form of Government: Town Meeting-Select Board.

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